Banish the Backlog


We recognise that many museums are dealing with documentation backlogs and trying to ascertain the requirements of Accreditation.
We have been working in partnership with the Collections Trust since 2018 to deliver a programme of work called ‘Banish the Backlog’, designed to address these issues and help to ‘demystify the dreaded backlog’. Sarah Brown, Outreach Officer with the Collections Trust, delivers the programme in partnership with our team of Museum Development Officers.
The Banish the Backlog programme aims to provide direct and ongoing support to small to medium regional museums, who work within geographical groups to explore how to improve procedures and develop realistic plans to improve their documentation.

We expect the museums involved to be at different stages of work, but what they have in common is that they’re keen to get to grips with their documentation and make positive changes to safeguard their collections. 

Success will look different for each museum involved. Right at the beginning of the process museums will benefit from a 121 session with Sarah Brown and their a Museum Development Officer to set out an Action Plan for tackling backlogs, ranging from plans to starting an inventory of temporary object numbers to tying up the last few loose ends after a relocation.

By the end of the programme the museums will hopefully have worked through the questions they may have, have made new contacts, improved their Documentation Plans and taken steps to begin addressing their Action Plan goals.

Top Tips

Follow the link below to view Sarah Brown’s top 10 tips for banishing that backlog!

BTB Top Tips

Get Involved

We are now inviting museums from across the south east region to apply to take part in one of our cohorts for Banish the Backlog 2020-21. Museums will need to be able to commit to at least 2 team members attending an initial site visit with Sarah Brown and one of our MDOs, plus 3 further group sessions based in their geographical region. Venues for the group sessions are dependent on the museums selected, and will often be located at museums engaged in the programme.



Timetable for the 2020-21 Programme (SUBJECT TO REVIEW DUE TO COVID-19 OUTBREAK)

22.04.2020           Museum Site visits (Eastern region)

23.04.2020           Museum Site visits (Eastern region)

27.05.2020           Museum Site Visits (Western region)

28.5.2020             Museum Site Visits (Western region)


01.06.2020           Eastern Group Session 1

08.06.2020           Western Group Session 1


08.09.2020          Eastern Group Session 2

09.09.2020          Western Group Session 2


24.02.2021          Eastern Group Session 3

25.02.2021          Western Group Session 3


If you want to find out more about the programme, you can get in touch with the Collections Trust at or you regional Museum Development Officer.

You can also join in the conversation on Twitter with #BanishTheBacklog and #BanishThatBacklog, and feel free to tweet us at @CollectionTrust and @SEmuseumDP.

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