Dover Museums & Arts Group (DMAG)

The Dover Museums & Arts Group aims to provide a forum of exchange for all museums, arts and heritage organisations in the Dover District.  The group will also act as a vehicle for any potential partnership working or projects that the members deem appropriate.

The group is for charitable purposes only, with the overarching aim being the advancement of the arts, culture, heritage and science for the benefit the community.

Its responsibilities are:

  • Maintaining a joined up network of cultural providers in the Dover area
  • Information sharing and mutual support between the organisations
  • Mutual promotion and increased public awareness of the member organisations
  • Shared advertising, and therefore reduced expenditure through sharing of costs
  • To offer opportunities for joined up exhibitions and events in new and existing venues
  • Coordinating lobbying actions on key issues on behalf of the wider cultural community
  • Act in the interest of all members and the community in a responsible, ethical and charitable way
  • Providing technical and practical assistance if required

Representatives from any of the following are eligible to join DMAG:

  • Museum and heritage sites
  • Arts groups, such as visual, dance, music, etc
  • Council representatives (Dover, Sandwich and Deal)
  • Kent & Medway MDO
  • DMAG members may invite to attend meetings any individual(s) deemed necessary to further the work of the group.
  • DMAG shall be self-supporting and the management shall consist of at least one member from each of the participating organisations.

These members are to represent their respective organisations and to have been appointed by their own Committee.  Other individuals from the member organisations may have access to all minutes of the meetings and to attend as observers.


The DMAG network will meet at least 4 times a year.  This may increase when projects are active.


The meeting location will move around the member venues in turn, or be held at a mutually convenient or central location.


No money to cover travel, or any other expenses, is available via the group.

Chairing and Secretariat:

Chairing will be undertaken by the ‘host’ venue, and secretariat services will be undertaken by a nominated member at the meeting.


Agendas and briefing papers will be prepared and circulated a week in advance of the meetings for attendees to give them due consideration.  The host will be responsible for this activity.

Simple minutes of meetings will be formally recorded and circulated to attendees within 14 working days of the meeting.  The host will be responsible for this activity.


The DMAG members maintain contact via an internal mailing list.

However, if you want to find out about what the group is getting up to, why not join their Facebook Group.  Or take a look at the DAD website which shows details about the group’s ACE-funded project ‘Codename: Joined Up‘.

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