Trustee with fundraising experience, The Hovercraft Museum Trust

Closing date:31/03/2020 Job Description:

The Hovercraft Museum Trust is looking to strengthen its board of trustees.  We are looking to appoint a trustee with experience in fundraising to provide knowledge, advice, scrutiny and support to the charity.  This role would involve attending quarterly trustee meetings and providing support and advice to the management team.  This role will be heavily involved with fundraising.

We also welcome applications from those who have the skills, time and interest but who prefer to become advisors or ambassadors for the Museum rather than formally take on trustee responsibilities.

About Us

The Hovercraft Museum Trust is a charitable organisation run by volunteers dedicated to preserving, restoring and educating visitors to the story of the Hovercraft. The museum showcases a unique collection of Hovercraft, exhibits and archives and is the only museum dedicated to this great British invention in the world.

Desirable Skills & Experience

  • Researching and making written applications as and when required by the Trust to funders
  • Acknowledging receipt of funds and organising media coverage if required and managing ongoing relationship with funders
  • Keep records of funders and applications made for funds
  • Helping ensure HMT is visible online for publicity and for online donations
  • Developing ideas for fundraising for the group and putting ideas into action
  • Ensuring publicity has clear fundraising message for donation
  • Input to marketing strategy of the trust
  • Keep up to date on the fundraising sector and available funding
  • Attend fundraising events where possible
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience of fundraising and charity laws and regulations.
  • Interested in the organisation’s cause and objectives and willing to act as the charity’s ambassador to external bodies, charities and companies.
  • Experience of trusts or other grant giving bodies particularly in the field of fundraising and marketing
  • A team-oriented approach to problem solving and to management.
  • Able to think creatively.

Becoming a Trustee

Trustees are collectively responsible for the governance of the Museum.  Each trustee will normally have a special area of interest or expertise that will expand the collective knowledge of the board.  Trustees work as a team to make decisions collectively, but often lead activities that fall within their expertise.

Core responsibilities of a trustee:

  • To ensure that the trust has a clear vision and strategic direction in accordance with its objectives as defined in the governing document
  • To ensure that it complies with relevant legal and regulatory requirements to ensure the highest possible standards of governance to ensure proper control and use of charity assets
  • Annually approve the financial plan and budget
  • Attend board meetings, usually quarterly
  • To support volunteers, receive reports from Duty Managers, monitor progress against objectives.
  • To ensure that major risks to which the charity is exposed are reviewed and systems established to mitigate these risks
  • To act in the best interests of the charity at all times using any specific skills, knowledge and expertise
  • You will also participate in other key tasks such as developing applications to trusts and foundations to help gain required funding.

How to Apply

To apply, please provide the following information:

  • Brief resume, including current roles and previous experience
  • A summary of what interests you about this role.
  • A summary of what you could bring to this role
  • Your contact details

Please send this information to

Or by post to:

Louise Jenkins
Chair of Trustees
The Hovercraft Museum Trust
Broom Way
Lee on the Solent
PO13 9YA

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