Trustee, National Motor Museum Trust

Location:Meetings in Beaulieu and London Salary:n/a Main duties:

Overall Purpose

Trustees are collectively responsible for the governance of the Museum. In addition, each trustee will normally have a special area of interest or expertise.

Main Responsibilities

• To ensure that the NMMT has a clear vision and strategic direction in accordance with its objectives as defined in the governing document

• To ensure that it complies with relevant legal and regulatory requirements

• To ensure the highest possible standards of governance

• To ensure proper control and use of charity assets

• Annually to approve the financial plan and budget

• Attend board meetings, usually quarterly

• To support staff, to receive reports from staff, monitor progress against objectives.

• To ensure that major risks to which the charity is exposed are reviewed and systems established to mitigate these risks

• To appoint the Chief Executive and, when appropriate, other key staff

• To act in the best interests of the charity at all times using any specific skills, knowledge and expertise

Note: The board may from time to time delegate responsibilities to individual trustees or groups of trustees. However, all major strategic decisions are taken collectively.

Closing date:15/11/2019 Job Description:

The National Motor Museum Trust is a charitable organisation dedicated to preserving and promoting motoring history. It has a world famous collection of vehicles and associated motoring items, many of which are on display in the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.

The board is looking to strengthen skills in the areas of stakeholder engagement, income generation and fundraising, museum and archives management, education and learning, financial management and reaching out to the historic motoring movement.

We also welcome applications from those who have the skills, time and interest but who prefer to become advisors or ambassadors for the Museum rather than formally take on trustee responsibilities.

We wish recruit trustees with expertise in museums, archives and education in order to strengthen our trustee board. This role would involve attending trustee meetings and providing support and advice to senior management.

If you would like an informal conversation before applying, please free to contact:

Russell Bowman or Andrea Bishop
Chief Executive Director of Collections & Engagement
01590 614631 01590 614659

To apply, please provide the following information:

• Brief resume, including current roles and previous experience
• A statement of why you are interested in this role
• A statement of what you could bring to this role
• Your contact details

Please send this information to Anna-Marie.O’
OR by post to:
Anna-Marie O’Connor, National Motor Museum Trust, Beaulieu, Hampshire SO42 7ZN

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