Steamship Shieldhall – Governance Review & Succession Plan Consultant

Reference No.SS Shieldhall - GR Location:Steamship Shieldhall is located in Southampton. The appointed consultant is expected to be willing to travel to Shieldhall at her berth in Southampton as frequently as is necessary to effectively carry out this commission Salary:The budget for this piece of work is up to £10,000 (excl VAT) Benefits:The successful consultant will be appointed on a consultancy basis and will be responsible for their own tax reporting Main duties:

The scope of the commission is as follows:

  • Undertake a skills audit of our current board members (Executive Committee and Board of Directors) to identify gaps in skills and expertise. Provide a clear, practical report with recommendations and present this to the Executive Committee.
  • Review our existing governance structure, documents, processes and approach to decision-making, communication and reporting (in light of best practice and taking into consideration findings and recommendations arising from the business planning process). Make clear recommendations arising from this review including providing drafts/model policies.
  • Identify training/skills development requirements in relation to governance and management. Deliver up to four training sessions and make recommendations for additional external training/mentoring/skills development as appropriate.
  • Advise TSSP on how to go about filling identified gaps to meet the needs of the organisation as it moves forward, including working with TSSP to develop role descriptions for new Executive Committee positions and supporting us to recruit to these positions.
  • Facilitate a Governance Visioning session with our Executive Committee.
  • Develop a succession plan for TSSP covering both Committee/Director positions and key operational positions, such as Master, Chief Engineer, etc.
  • Provide advice on how to approach the recruitment process for new members, including how and where to advertise and advice on interview processes.
  • Provide advice and support as TSSP implements the move to become a Registered Charity with a single associated trading company.
Interview date:22/01/2020 Closing date:13/01/2020 Job Description:

The Solent Steam Packet (TSSP) is seeking to appoint a consultant to undertake a Governance Review and Succession Plan.

TSSP owns and operates Steamship Shieldhall, the country’s last and largest operational steam-powered cargo and passenger ship.

TSSP has been awarded a Resilient Heritage grant by the National Lottery Heritage Fund towards the costs of our latest project, Steamship Shieldhall – Steaming Towards a Resilient Future.  The Governance Review and Succession Plan are key elements of this project and will be fundamental to ensuring the right people, policies and structures are in place as the organisation moves forward.

Further details about this commission can be downloaded via the following link:

or by contacting Joanna Watson at or on 07787 984445

The successful consultant will be appointed on a consultancy basis and will be responsible for their own tax reporting. The consultant could be a suitably experienced individual, company or association of individuals.



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