Project Evaluation Consultant, Bucks Heroes

Reference No.Eval/02/21 Location:Aylesbury, Bucks Salary:Fee for the work: £2750 + VAT Period of Freelance Contract: Number of days to be agreed between 2021 and 2023 Benefits:N/A Main duties:


• Attend evaluation consultation meeting (via Zoom) with Project Team at the end of March 2021 to scope the evaluation plan for the project
• Providing feedback after initial meeting on final project evaluation plan
• Meet with new Programme Manager in April 2021 to provide briefing for them on evaluation methods and delivery
• Analyse results of first year of project evaluation in November 2021 to recommend lessons learned and changes needed to evaluation techniques for Year 2.
• Provide Programme Manager with a brief on evaluation tasks and methods for new evaluation delivery staff to be appointed to deliver in Yr 2 and 3 of project
• Analyse Year 2 evaluation results in December 2021 and provide recommendations on any changes needed for the final year of project.
• Assist for Programme Manager with a framework and key analysis for final evaluation report to be compiled by Programme Manager in December 2023.


A proposal for undertaking the work should include:
• The approach planned for delivery of the work with number of days/hours needed indicated
• details of staff allocated to the project, together with experience of the contractor and staff members in carrying out similar projects, particularly with different communities. The Programme Manager / lead contact should be identified if not a sole operator
• the daily charging rate of individual staff involved
• confirmation that the timescales of the project can be met

Main contact : Programme Manager – Stephen Barker
To find out further details and to submit your proposal by e-mail only please:
Email :

Interview date:21/03/2021 Closing date:14/03/2021 Job Description:

At Bucks County Museum, we are creating new galleries that represent our local people and landscapes, which will tell the stories of communities then and now using our collections. We have secured National Lottery Heritage Fund investment over three years to deliver a project celebrating Bucks Heroes, which will enhance the content of, and provide animation for, our new Bucks People gallery. ‘Bucks Heroes’ will collate, curate and share often unrepresentative, and often hidden content, from a broad range of community groups and individuals, enhancing our collections and the stories that we tell.


We are looking to appoint therefore, a dynamic consultant/company to help us develop a range of creative and innovative evaluation tools on our journey during 2021-2023.
The project team wish to create an evaluation plan at the start of the project to create base line assessments for a variety of community groups and following impact assessments to evaluate the benefits of the project to each group.

The role of the consultant will be to help provide a frame work, such as the Logic Model from NLHF for delivery to include qualitative and quantitative evaluation and to introduce examples of best practice elsewhere and appropriate methodology for the community groups. The consultant will be expected to help analyse the results at the end of the first and second year to help advise and inform the remainder of the project and to provide a frame work for a final report to be written by the Programme Manager.
At the end of the project we would like to know the following:

• How many more people are visiting the Museum in general
• How much has the visitor base diversified as a result of the project
• How many people from different communities have actively engaged in delivering the project outputs
• How has the project involvement changed the participants’ lives
• What impact has the project had on the communities themselves and their engagement with heritage
• How has the project changed the Museum’s offer and work practices and engagement with local communities
• How will staff and volunteers use new skills to enable them to continue with this work after the end of the project

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