Marketing Consultant, Godalming Museum

Salary:project budget: £500 Main duties:

We are looking for a marketing consultant who can deliver:

  1. A short, clear, realistic marketing plan, covering the next 3 years, which is achievable within the museum’s limited current and planned resources. The plan should include guidelines for promoting the museum online.
  2. Initial mentoring around online marketing and social media, of existing museum staff and of volunteers whom we will recruit, to put the plan into action

For more details on the role please email Alison Pattison,

Closing date:05/04/2021 Job Description:

Godalming Museum is a small community museum in a historic building.  We want to rebuild our audience following closure during lockdown, address the decline in visitor numbers which was apparent even before the pandemic and make the most of the opportunities offered by our centenary year, 2021, to promote visits to the museum and increase our virtual audience and membership of the Friends organisation. We are fortunate in having a small grant to appoint a marketing consultant to help us to achieve these aims.

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