Head of Learning, The National Museum of Computing

Reference No.TNMOC Edu Location:The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Salary:£25,000-£29,000 Main duties:


Job Purpose: As the Head of Learning you will be responsible for the management and delivery of our Learning Programme. You will lead a team of dedicated freelance and volunteer staff. 


  • Working within a small but thriving team managing the role includes:
  • The development and maintenance of the Learning Programme and associated materials, including researching updates in the curriculum, details of the  exhibits within the museum and new technologies that may be used to enhance the  Learning Programme. 
  • Developing and Managing the learning outreach events and the volunteer team, Managing and providing ongoing support and training. Managing a small team of freelancers, delivering learning work 
  • The Learning Manager will develop and deliver the museum’s programmes for
  • schools and families, in schools and in community venues, and virtually for example though live streams and Zoom sessions. and advise and support exhibition and gallery teams on the needs of these audiences.
  • Establish and manage relationships with partners involved in developing or delivering programmes 

Additionally, you will manage the scheduling and resourcing of visits. Some administrative support for bookings and invoicing will be provided by the Operations team.

Other responsibilities will include supporting public, corporate or other group visits on an ad hoc basis. As well as some operational tasks (such as opening and closing the museum) shared between all the museum staff. 

Reporting Relationships: Role reports to the Museum Director.
Essential Competencies:
  • You should have a Degree in computer science, mathematics, or a related discipline, or equivalent demonstrable ability and interest in  computer science, History and mathematics 
  • A successful track record of developing and delivering high quality activities and resources for schools and/or families in a heritage, arts or education setting 
  • Flexibility and enthusiasm for developing programmes for a variety of different audiences, and ability to adapt to changing priorities 
  • Up-to-date understanding of the national curriculum
  • Strong written and oral communication
  • Proactivity
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Fast Rapport building
  • Team player
  • Ability to engage in conflict & challenge respectfully and collaboratively
  • Self-starter
  • Basic IT literacy in the main G- suite MS Office applications
Preferred Skills:
  • experience of managing event book systems
  • Awareness of financials
  • Previous experience of Health and Safety and/or First Aid criteria


Interview date:14/09/2021 Closing date:20/09/2021 Job Description:


The National Museum of Computing houses the world’s largest collection of functional historic computers, including the rebuilt Colossus, the world’s first electronic computer, and the WITCH, the world’s oldest working digital computer and The Turing Welchman Bombe.We are located in a Grade II listed Second World War building (the world’s first purpose-built computer centre) on the Bletchley Park estate. The museum enables visitors to follow the development of computing from the ultra-secret pioneering efforts of the 1940s through the large systems and mainframes of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, and the rise of personal computing in the 1980s and beyond.

The published Mission Statement of the National Museum of Computing is to be a museum that ‘… brings to life the history and development of computing for inspiration, learning and enjoyment.’

With a particular focus on British developments and context, we:

  • Conserve: through acquisition, restoration and reconstruction of artefacts which have had a notable impact on the evolution of computing;
  • Engage: through displaying wherever possible working artefacts to a wide range of interest groups who can interact, learn and be inspired by the artefacts and their stories; and
  • Educate: through a range of specialist programmes designed to encourage the understanding, application and participation in computing in the UK.


The museum is normally open 7 days a week. Two public guided tours are offered a week and private groups can visit on any day by prior appointment. 

The museum runs a full Schools and University Learning programme which typically welcomed over 4,000 young people a year, as well as many family groups during the school holiday Bytes Festivals. The Bytes Festivals provide educational fun for all the family with workshops and tasters in areas such as coding, robotics, virtual reality, and programming. 

There is an active volunteer base of approximately 100 individuals who act as stewards and guides allowing the museum to open to the public, as well looking after the collection as curators and managing the donations, accession and storage process. Additionally, volunteers look after the Library and Archive. The Volunteer Supporters Association (VSA) is run independently of the museum with its own committee but works closely with the museum management team. 

There is a Supporters’ Club, currently with around 220 supporters, which meets four times a year. Again, this is run independently of the museum management team with its own committee, but all membership subscriptions are donated to the museum in full and the museum supports the organisation and covers the cost of the Supporters’ events. 

Following the Covid Pandemic outbreak, the Museum has had to repurpose many of the activities described above – much of which has led to a greatly expanded Online and digital presence. This includes a range of assets, interactions, services and engagements including for example:

  • Online tours
  • A 3-D mapping of the museum
  • Enhanced booking and online activities.

Our Sandford Award-winning Learning Programme hosts visits from schools with students who are studying at GCSE, A Level, Level 2 or 3 equivalents. University Undergraduate groups are also catered for. The typical format of our programme includes an introductory session, guided group tour (ratio of 15 students to one guide) through the museum’s exhibits demonstrating and using a variety of computers and peripherals, and a variety of interactive hands-on sessions. The Learning Programme covers past and future developments in computing and its impact on society in the past, present and future. 

What are we looking for?

As Head of Learning, we are looking for someone who’s had direct experience of teaching a relevant subject in a secondary school environment or within the museum education sector. However, The National Museum of Computing will support you in your learning and development in this field. An interest in the history and development of technology would be a clear advantage. 


What’s in it for you?

This is our commitment to you. This role will:

  • Give insight into the Third Sector and the nature of what it is to be a national museum 
  • Allow you to build and engage with highly diverse customer and stakeholder groups ranging from retired engineers to the next generation of British contributors to the leadership of Information Technology across the world.
  • Challenge and push you hard to make a direct and meaningful impact 
  • Have support and guidance via regular committed direct one-to-one time with senior leaders including board members
  • Offer training and development opportunities as are mutually beneficial to you as an individual and us as an ambitious and growing Museum

In summary, it will give you the chance to directly contribute to the organisation’s future and give you a fun challenging environment in which to learn, grow and test your own boundaries. 

What we expect from you?

We expect you first and foremost to fully commit and to grasp the opportunity offered. 

We expect you to add value from day 1. 

We expect you bring experience gained from your previous employments and life activities to help make the Museum a more successful and sustainable entity quicker and faster. 

We expect you to challenge and contribute in every meeting, situation and networking interaction.

We expect you to feel part of the team.

We expect you to enjoy yourself.

The Details

Job Title: Head of Learning 
Location: The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park Estate, Milton Keynes
Salary/Benefits Package: £25,000-£29,000


  Full details [external link]

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