Equality, Diversity & Inclusion: Consultant Tender

Location:This is a contract for services. Working hours will be the consultant’s responsibility. The number of hours should be determined based on the time necessary to devise and deliver the contract to the highest standard. Salary:MDUK welcomes applications up to a maximum budget of £15,000 and proposals need to include associated expenses. Main duties:



Museum Development UK (MDUK) recognise our role, alongside that of museums, to develop an inclusive sector that challenges and opposes racism and inequality and we are working together to develop a shared approach to support museums to address institutional, sectoral and societal inequalities.

MDUK, in partnership with the Association of Independent Museums (AIM), is seeking a consultant* to develop a programme to support museums in England and Wales to improve their understanding of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). The programme will also increase participants’ knowledge and skills around the EDI-related issues being faced people working and volunteering in museums, their communities and audiences.

*MDUK will consider agencies, individual freelancers, or a team of freelancers if you wish to apply as a group.

Key aims of the project;

  • Support museums, staff and volunteers to develop a consistent level of understanding of EDI and what it means for them as organisations and for their visitors
  • Raise awareness of the museum specific challenges and opportunities relating to EDI and support the development of workable solutions to take action
  • Support museums to develop a better understanding of the challenges being faced by their local communities
  • Highlight and enable inclusive museum best practice and empower museums to tackle systematic issues
  • Explore a new model of working for MDUK
Interview date:14/07/2021 Closing date:01/07/2021 Job Description:

The full programme is intended to run over 18 months, across 3 levels of intervention. Consultants are invited to quote for activity planned for 2021-2022.

Invitation to quote for;

• Introductory Level, resources launching October 2021 – sector wide, free resources for all
• Intermediate Level, October 2021 to 31 March 2022 – training and facilitated sessions for a cohort of up to 20 museums from across the Welsh and participating English Museum Development regions.

It is envisioned that a further Advanced Level will be commissioned separately in the subsequent funding year 2022-23 for a small, ambitious cohort of museums. This work will be informed by an independent evaluation of the Introductory and Intermediate Levels.

Read the full Tender Brief.

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