Communications and Social Media Manager, National Paralympic Heritage Trust

Interview date:25/03/2021 Closing date:17/03/2021 Job Description:

Communications and Social Media Manager:

We are seeking a person with communications and social media expertise to help us build our audiences physically and virtually over the next two years.

In order to delivery this work you have the following skills:

  • Strategic planning in communications and marketing
  • The ability to meet the access needs of our audience
  • The ability to create, plan and implement exciting social media campaigns
  • Writing and distribution of press releases for exhibitions and events
  • Production of marketing literature

The work will be supported by the NPHT team including the Website Digital Content Manager.

Timescales: May 2021 to end of April 2023
Budget: Up to £15k inclusive of VAT over two years – equates to at least a day a week. Some expenses will be payable in addition. Please apply a charity discount when quoting.
Submission of Proposals: The deadline for submission 5pm Wednesday 17th March 2021
Brief: Full details and brief please go to the website
Enquiries and informal conversations with the CEO at the email address

  Full details [external link]

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