COG (Cultural Outreach Group) Network Training Brief: Inclusive Practice for Everyone

Location:Virtual/Online Benefits:We are able to pay speakers up to £200 for their time. If you think you might have a good case study experience to speak about, please do get in touch to outline what area you wish to contribute on and tell us a bit about your experience/track record in that area. To express your interest, please send your tenders by 5th December 2020 to: Main duties:

The Brief

We are looking for a number of contributors for a virtual training session (using Zoom or Microsoft Teams), who can speak on different topics under the theme of inclusive practice. The topics we would like to focus on are:

  • Inclusion, leadership and internal advocacy;
  • Developing inclusive practice;
  • Embedding inclusion in the culture of organisations (building on community engagement work);
  • Empowering culture change across the network for internal as well as external inclusivity;
  • Engaging with social trends and change in the post-Covid world, such as Black Lives Matter, localism, relevance, community engagement and museums as safe spaces for public discussion).
Closing date:05/12/2020 Job Description:

South East Museum Development Programme, in conjunction the Cultural Outreach Group (COG) Network, is looking for a number of speakers and case studies on different topics under the umbrella theme of inclusive practice for a training session for museums in the Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire region.

The individual sessions will be 30-45 minute bite size talks, with a panel Q&A at the end.

The session will be recorded and posted on our website and YouTube channel for future use by museums in the South East. We would also like to post associated slides and resources to help future learners to benefit from the training.

The session will be facilitated by a member of the Museum Development Programme

Delegates will be made up of members of the COG network and the wider museum community in the South East. Delegates are likely to range from volunteers in run small independent museums to paid staff in National Portfolio Organisations. Therefore, your session must be appropriate to all levels of knowledge.

We hope to run this session towards the end of January to early February 2021. The maximum number of delegates will be 25.

About the Network

COG: Cultural Outreach Group (COG) is a peer-to-peer network focused on developing and sharing best practice in respect of audience development, outreach and inclusion activity in cultural organisations. Apart from Bucks County Museum, COG member organisations do not have staff dedicated to community engagement or inclusion, therefore the members of the network vary from Learning Officers to Events or Communications Officers, or even Trustees – whoever is able to add inclusion and community engagement into their day job. By meeting regularly, sharing and working together, the members aim to develop their individual and collective ability to engage under-represented audiences and develop sustainable systems for on-going participation and co-production.

COG is project funded by Rothschild Foundation which provided funding over three years (Jan 2019-Jan 2022) for a group of eight cultural partners to test new approaches to inclusive engagement, audience development and participation at cultural venues.  The funding enables the Community Outreach Officer at Bucks County Museum to support the seven other partners to develop new relationships with target audiences, develop co-production and to work with them to programme new pilot activities. This includes funding for three annual Sharing Days in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Over time this network has grown to include four further partners, who attend meetings and training, but are not benefiting from the Outreach Officer support or the pilot activity grants.

One year into the life of the network, Covid-19 hit and the network members were almost all furloughed. COG activity has been paused until the group can meet again.  We aim to reinstate the network meetings and programme of pilots and development work towards the end of 2020, with this training opportunity taking place in Spring 2021.

Our members include Bucks County Museum, Chiltern Open Air Museum, Amersham Museum, Wycombe Museum, Buckingham Old Gaol, Buckinghamshire Council Libraries, Waddesdon Manor, Milton Keynes Museum, The National Paralympic Heritage Trust, Milton’s Cottage, Hughenden Manor and The Roald Dahl Museum.


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