‘What’s new in Accreditation?’ Location TBC

Event Date:4 March 2020 1:45 pm — 4 March 2020 4:00pm
Trainer Sarah Brown, Collections Trust;

Kate Hebditch, SEMDP

Date / Time  

Workshop 2:   1.45 – 4.00

The new Standard was launched in 2018 and museums are now getting invitations to make their Accreditation returns. Find out what’s changed and what you’ll need to do to meet the new Standard. Sarah Brown from Collections Trust will outline how Spectrum 5.0 can help you meet the collections management requirements and Kate Hebditch, SEMDP Accreditation Adviser will explain the new requirements on forward plans, governance and constitutions. We’ll look at the ‘Users and their experiences’ changes and what policies and plans you’ll need for access and audiences. We’ll also take a look at the new online application system. Please bring your existing forward plan, documentation plan and procedures manual. There will be some ‘surgeries’ for those wishing to discuss particular issues with Kate or Sarah. Please request a surgery when you book.

This session is relevant to trustees, staff or volunteers who are responsible for completing the museum’s Accreditation return.

  • Understand the changes to the Accreditation scheme
  • Understand how your museum’s constitution may need changing to meet the new requirements
  • Look critically at your own forward plan and determine if it meets the requirements
  • Understand the changes to Spectrum and how they fit with Accreditation
  • Look critically at your documentation plan and determine if it meets the requirements
  • Understand the changes to the Access and Audiences policies and plans
  • Try out the new online system.

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Briefing session: What’s new in Accreditation?
Registration and coffee from 1.30pm.

1.45pm                Welcome and introductions

1.55pm               The new Accreditation Standard and the major changes in the scheme

Kate Hebditch, Accreditation Adviser, SEMDP

2.15pm               Section one: Organisational health

Changes to the governance and constitution requirements

Forward planning for Accreditation

Please bring your current forward plan

Kate Hebditch

2.45pm               Section two: Collections management

Using Spectrum 5.0 and the Primary Procedures

Documentation planning for Accreditation

Please bring your current documentation plans and procedures manuals

Sarah Brown, Outreach Officer, Collections Trust

3.15pm               Section three: Users and their experience

The new Access and Audience requirements

Kate Hebditch

3.45                     Using the new online form

Sarah Brown and Kate Hebditch

4 pm                      Finish


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