Improving Collections Care During Closure

Update/ check the inventory and labelling

  • Carry out data management and data cleaning.
  • Label objects.
  • Consider making the inventory digital.


Deep Clean

  • Carry out high level/deep clean.
  • Update cleaning schedules.
  • Plan for how the museum might be cleaned for reopening in line with decontamination guidance.


Update Collections Care Policies

  • Build in disaster planning in the event of closure using lessons learnt.
  • Update hospitality guidelines for the prevention of infestation.
  • Update digital use of collections guidelines, e.g. photographing of objects for digital use during closure.


Check Collections Care Equipment

  • Audit what equipment you have, and its maintenance schedule.
  • Write a list of any equipment required and the cost.
  • Consider donating any unopened boxes of PPE to the NHS.


Carry out a Benchmark Assessment and/or Condition Check the Collections


Commission Conservation Work

  • Consider sending objects for conservation if access to the object is possible, and you can safely pack and transport the object. Some conservators will be able to work in their studios during this time.


Read up on Collection Care/Preventive Conservation



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