Juliet Thomas

I cut my teeth in the heritage sector with the National Trust, training to be a Manager and lead across the site teams. During my time with the Trust I worked with a varied team of trading partners, Visitor Experience Officers, Administrative Staff and the important bank of Volunteer Staff that are the backbone of any large heritage site.

I joined the Littlehampton Museum team as Senior Museum Assistant in 2005, and was promoted to Museum Curator in 2008. As Curator of a busy community led museum for over a decade, my responsibilities included presenting and preserving the collections, maintaining Accredited status, staff and volunteer management, managing budgets and meeting financial targets, marketing, PR, delivering an education programme, events calendar, and managing our public website and social media presence.

One of my passions is creative programming, and I have had the pleasure of designing and installing countless exhibitions and online galleries over the years, as well as working with local artists, community groups and stakeholders. I have also enjoyed leading and partnering a range of community and collections based projects.

In my role as Head of Service at Littlehampton I was often to be heard on local and regional radio, and representing the museum’s interests through writing articles for various publications and promotional online videos. I have also had the good fortune to feature in a segment on Littlehampton’s ‘James Bond’ link on the BBC’s The One Show.

Working within a local authority environment as part of the management team has also given me a broad knowledge of public processes, including; Workplace Health & Safety, Fire Risk Management, Corporate Risk, Managing Change and GDPR. I have also enjoyed mentoring Littlehampton’s neighbouring museums, something I hope to build on through the SEMDP Scheme.

In 2010 I joined Sussex Museums Group, a regional network supporting Sussex based Museums & Galleries. I was nominated for Vice-Chair in 2012, leading to election as Chairman from 2015-2018. Being the Senior Officer for this busy and responsive network has been integral to my professional development, and has provided me with a wide ranging focus on the needs of the heritage sites within the County.

Joining the central management team for South East Museum Development in April 2019 as Assistant Programme Manager is a fantastic opportunity to develop my knowledge of the wider south east region, and contribute to the delivery of support and development packages for our museum community.

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