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Retail Resilience Project

Led by the Association of Cultural Enterprise, the Retail Resilience project is a training programme that is all about developing the knowledge and skills for retail in the museum sector, and has been made possible by funding from Arts Council.

The programme of training, followed by ongoing regional retail forums will work in all the Arts Council regions in England, specifically with 180 Accredited Museums over a three year period, 20 per region, building the learning and knowledge base of their organisations where help and guidance is most needed and consequently their resilience and sustainability. 

The South East Museum Development Programme is delighted to be supporting this exciting opportunity, that is open to 20 museums from the South East.   In early November, Accredited Museums across the region will receive a letter inviting them to express their interest in the Retail Resilience project.  The project includes:

  • 4 free training days
  • Study day
  • Dowloadable resources
  • Convention entry
  • Membership of the ACEnterprises

Contact to find out more.