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International Student Internships

Students from the Department of History and Ethnology, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece are looking for workplace opportunities for Erasmus+ funded internships in Summer 2017. Internships must be of between two and four months, usually during the period mid-June to mid-September 2017. It is up to the host museum to define the work that the student will undertake during their internship.

As a partner in the Erasmus+ programme, the Democritus University of Thrace, Greece is able to access funding to support its students to undertake work experience overseas. Each student funded by an Erasmus+ scholarship can access finance for their travel, accommodation and living expenses during their internship period. A host museum is not required to make any financial input to the travel, accommodation or maintenance of the student, just to provide meaningful work experience suitable for a final-year History or Anthropology student. This might include cataloguing, collections care, research, supporting educational or outreach activities or providing visitor services. It’s up to you.

Express interest between now and 15 March 2017 to be listed as a possible host organisation. Expressions of Interest will be shown to the students, some of whom may choose to contact you directly to send you a CV (in English) and a covering letter. Your museum can then choose which, if any, students to offer work experience to.

Project information for applicant museums - please read thoroughly before submitting your expression of interest:

Download GR_Erasmus_museum_info_20161103.docx...