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Catalyst ‘Inspiring a Culture of Philanthropy’ update - Cohort 1 museums complete philanthropy audit

Following the announcement of the Cohort 1 museums last month, each museum has now completed a philanthropy audit.

The audits took the form of a detailed questionnaire which evaluated five skill areas:

1) philanthropic fundamentals

2) understanding the fundraising environment

3) leadership

4) relationship management and

5) capacity building.

The audits will now be analysed and a training programme drawn up.

‘I really enjoyed meeting the representatives from the museums and also having the opportunity to understand more about their needs. We’re looking forward to working closely with Cohort 1 and providing them with the tools to enable them to develop their skills and engage with the philanthropic community more effectively.’ Romilly Beard, Project Director

The next couple of months will see the formal launch of the project and also the first meeting of the Project Advisory Group (PAG) which will guide and direct the project.

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