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The National Heritage Landmarks Partnership Scheme

AIM, the Association of Independent Museums, has announced the opening of the Year 2 Applications. AIM entered into a 3 year funding partnership with Biffa Award which will provide a £1.5m investment into independent museums and industrial heritage sites across the UK.

The National Heritage Landmarks Partnership Scheme will develop a high profile national project by creating a network of facilities whose history has been in some way involved in far reaching change instrumental in creating the nation as it is today. This investment will help transform derelict buildings and sites into inspirational resources, enabling the public to better understand the powerful tide of change brought about by our collective industrial past through the creation of a network of strategic projects that tell the stories of people, processes, industrial development and change.

The Scheme will focus on specific projects that relate to key industries including mining, textile manufacture, shipbuilding, metal processing, chemical industries, defence, farming and technologies such as power generation and communication.

Applications are welcomed from independent museums and industrial sites to become part of this exciting new initiative.

Partnership Projects
Museums and industrial sites are invited to submit bids for the second funding round, the closing date being 23 August 2013. Up to five projects will be selected for partnership funding in each annual round.

The maximum value of support for each project will be £120,000. AIM would normally expect National Heritage Landmarks Partnership Funding to form the major part of the funded project.

Applicants will need to have secured or can commit to providing 10% cash contribution within 3 months of commencement.

Project Criteria
Eligible works include opening up access to buildings or sites, creating new exhibitions or displays, gallery development, educational facilities, site interpretation and trails.

Applicants will need to be able to demonstrate significant impact and heritage benefit and how their project will help deliver the 5 key project outcomes for the Scheme.

Applicants will need to be members of AIM at the point of application (see full details here). AIM also welcome expressions of interest for round three (2014/15).