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ACE Accreditation Update - August 2014

Our regional Accreditation Advisor, Elaine Sansom, has forwarded the following news about Accreditation:

  • The Accreditation online return and application system will be amended during the week commencing 27 October (27 October – 31 October).
  • All museums in tranche 17 with a due date of 15 October should make their returns as scheduled by that date (subject to normal deferrals process)
  • Museums in tranche 18 with a due date in mid-December should not commence uploading information onto the online form until 1 November.
  • Museums in tranche 18 are welcome to use the published WORD version prior and during October. ACE will provide a WORD version of the amended form ASAP
  • All museums scheduled or planning to provide a return or an application after 1 November should be aware that some questions will be amended, some will be deleted and some will be added.

The Accreditation Standard is not changing; however, changes to the online form are designed to make it clearer what information is being requested, and more flexible in terms of how that information can be provided, e.g. descriptive text or additional uploads.

Elaine will be contacting Tranche 17 museums to let them know that their schedule to make a return by 15th October is no longer affected by the changes.

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