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Teen Twitter Takeover

Could you hand over your twitter feed for a day?  Teen Twitter Takeover is a day is where teens help run an organisation’s Twitter feed, taking place on Wednesday 27th August.

How to get involved:

  • Recruit a young person/people for the day and Invite them to take over your twitter feed for the day
  • Pass this message onto your networks e.g. youth forums.

Use the Kids in Museums top tips guide to tweet about:

  • What makes a good Takeover Day
  • What they are doing for Takeover Day 2014.

What to do on the day:

On the 27 August 2014 encourage your Teen Tweeters to join the conversation and get your organisation to tweet and re-tweet on the day, using the hashtag #takeoverday @kidsinmuseums @takeovermuseums

To find out more, visit the Kids in Museums Takeover page to find out more.