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Battle of Waterloo - 200th Anniversary in 2015: objects sought

For the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, which falls next year, the National Army Museum, Waterloo 200, & Culture24 are teaming up to tell "the story of Waterloo in 200 objects".

They are looking for iconic, visually appealing, or thought-provoking collections objects around the country which relate to the Battle of Waterloo and its legacy in Europe. These will form part of an online learning resource, intended to inspire people to visit the objects in situ and find out more about history.

Any interesting artefacts from the period 1789-1848 are sought, to show the lead-up to, and consequences of Waterloo.  There is a good selection of objects from the UK's military museums, but items that reflect the civilian side of life during the period are still sought - especially ones with interesting stories attached, or that visitors find particularly fascinating/appealing. Anything from a dress to a piece of machinery to a picture or artwork would be welcome

If you can help, please contact Alwyn Collinson at the National Army Museum in Chelsea.

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