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Foundation Course: Museum Learning - GEM

The course is intended for those in their first year or so of their museum education career; or for those already working in a different part of the heritage sector but wishing to take up an education position.  Since this is a work-based course, it is a requirement that students should be working or volunteering in the heritage sector.

Students will be encouraged to work together and form a self-help group throughout the three months of the course.  Each student will have a mentor and will be required to maintain a work-based reflective journal throughout the course.  There will be six full days of training and site visits, and students will need to complete work-based assignments.

Each pair of days will comprise a range of seminars, workshops and visits.  One day of each pair will be entirely museum-based.

Among the topics to be explored are:

  • the contexts for museum learning today;
  • the framework for museums and heritage in the UK;
  • museum learning theory and practice;
  • types of museum learning departments and provision;
  • programming for learners from early years to third age;
  • community and outreach, diversity and inclusion;
  • working with the new curriculum;
  • evaluation;
  • digital learning and social media;
  • fundraising;
  • career development.

The course will run from the beginning of October to the end of December 2014, and the taught/visit days will be 13 & 14 October; 3 & 4 November; and 1 & 2 December 2014.

Please email Dr John Stevenson if you would some more information and details of how to apply.