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New Environmental Sustainability Toolkit for small tourism businesses

Museums across the UK can now access an extremely useful and easy to use online toolkit for making small and medium size tourism destinations more environmentally sustainable (and thereby saving money of course!) created by Visit Wales. Most of the resources and advice are not specific to Wales and are very relevant to museums and historic sites. The toolkit links to other sources of advice such as The Carbon Trust, where relevant.

It is divided into nine sections, with easy to digest information sheets on a variety of topics within each session. You can either work through the whole thing or just use it as a source of advice for areas of particular interest. It's also good for getting an overview of the whole subject if this is a new area. There are also links to case studies, videos and other sources of information.

The nine sections are:

  • Reduce your utility bills and carbon footprint
  • How to reduce and manage your waste
  • Staying on the right side of the law
  • Sourcing locally and using sustainable transport
  • Your community and enhancing local wildlife
  • Green accreditation and award schemes
  • Communication
  • Sustainable events and festivals
  • Advice and support