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Parliament in the Making - get involved in 2015

There are opportunities for museums, libraries and arts organisations to get involved in the 'Parliament in the Making' initiative next year - especially those interested in politics, social justice, and the development of rights and freedoms throughout history.

2015 is the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta and the 750th anniversary of the de Montfort parliament (the first time representatives from across the country had been asked to come to London and give their views on how the country should be run).

Key points about the programme:

  • Nation-wide and international events encouraged
  • Parliament week ‘Do Democracy’ for 16-24 yr olds Autumn 2015
  • Main event at Runnymede is 15 June 2015 and Queen will be there (State occasion)
  • Peal of bells across the nation on 14 June 2015 at 3pm
  • LiberTeas: national/community event opportunity Sunday 14 June 2015 (similar to street party/big lunch - Picnic and Politics)
  • Banners in Parliament associated with key events/freedoms (e.g. Magna Carta, Civil War, Suffragettes, the Levellers): opportunity for any relevant organisation to come forward offering to host events/ speakers etc
  • MPs nominating schools in their local constituencies to make flags
  • Art Commissions and art projects could be developed on the theme, potentially funded by Grants for the Arts
  • An App is being developed for the programme and a website for LiberTea

Partners around the table are: National Archives, U3A, Magna Carta 800th, National Trust, Battlefields Trust, Museums Association, Lincoln Culture & Arts Partnership, TUC, Rotary, Royal Parks, Historical Society, Historic Royal Palaces.

More information is available.