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The Eridge Trust – small grants to museums & galleries

The Eridge Trust is a charitable trust whose overriding aim is to stimulate young people's enjoyment of art and kindle enthusiasms which we hope will enrich the rest of their lives.

The Trust hopes that its grants will help to give students, from primary school to college and university, new and exciting encounters with art, and awaken them to the lasting pleasures to be had from pictures and sculpture.

The Trust makes a limited number of grants to museums and galleries for projects aimed at encouraging young people up to university age to enjoy and appreciate art.  These grants may be up to some £5,000 a year for several years running.  They are at the moment particularly interested in projects aimed at encouraging university and college students to enjoy and make use of their local museums.  

If you wish to apply, please contact them directly (telephone 01223 207549, email to discuss what you have in mind.