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Accreditation Update, May 2014

Updated guidance documents and CDP Template from Elaine Sansom, Accreditation Adviser (London and the South East)

A new version of the Disposal Toolkit and additional guidance on financially motivated disposal from museum collections was published in early April on the ACE website.

A revised Collections Development Policy template and guidance will be published in May or June. This will align with the Disposals Toolkit.  Museums intending to revise their CDPs from late May should use the new template. Museums new to the Accreditation scheme must use the 2014 template when they make their first application.

Changes to the on-line Accreditation form - expected in October 2014 

Museums making Accreditation returns should be aware that ACE will be replacing the platform on which the Accreditation system sits. This is currently expected to be in October 2014. The exact date for this to take place is not yet known, and is driven by the ‘Grants for the Arts’ scheme, rather than by the Accreditation scheme. All museums affected will receive details in a letter/email from the Accreditation team when the date for the changes are confirmed.

When the system is changed – all partially completed forms will be lost. Therefore museums in Tranche 17, with invitations to make a return by the 15th October, may find it useful to submit before the changes ie by the end of September.

Museums invited to make returns in Tranches 18 and 19 should not use the on-line form at present. Instead - a word document form can be downloaded from the website and this can be used to prepare answers which are then cut-and-paste into the new on-line form when it goes up. NB: there will be a new version of the word document form - to reflect the changed on-line form.  The date for when the new form will be on the website has not yet been confirmed.

Contact your local MDO for Accreditation support, or for further guidance on completing the online form, contact Elaine Sansom.