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Leadership & Management (Heritage) Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) - Worcester University

Worcester University have developed a new post graduate heritage course for those wishing to work in heritage but also develop management skills - it's designed so students can continue with an MBA if they wish.

Key features of this course:

  • A unique and highly flexible course which seeks to develop management and leadership potential for those working in the Heritage sector
  • Based in the historic city of Worcester, this course combines the expertise of academics and practitioners from the University’s Business School, and its Institute of Science and the Environment with insights gained from your place of work, peer study groups and personalised career planning.

"This qualification will equip museum professionals with the latest business skills and increased personal awareness to develop and grow heritage venues nationwide.”

Starting with the creation of your own professional profile, followed by the study of issues pertinent to heritage management, you will practise and further develop your leadership and management skills via the construction of a work-based project and working in small groups to find solutions to workplace (and personal) issues and challenges.

The Heritage Management module will give you the context and preparation for the new professional environment: the political, social and cultural drivers influencing the sector. You will be prepared for the constantly changing context in which heritage now has to operate, and understand what is needed to become one of the new generation of leaders.

A key feature of this course is that it enables you to learn in a way which is personally and professionally relevant to you. On completion, you will also have the opportunity to continue your study on a flexible bite-size basis towards obtaining the MBA qualification (MBA in Executive Leadership & Management).

To find out more, please visit the website.

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