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New 'Kent Salvage Group' launched

In February this year,14 people from across the county's museums and heritage sites gathered at the Historic Dockyard in Chatham to find out how to manage in the aftermath of an emergency led by Emma Dadson from Harwell Document Restoration Services

Towards the end of the session, the group had the opportunity to think about their own Emergency Plans and whether their salvage operations would be sufficient given the number of items in their collections.  It was decided that a group effort would be needed if any one of Kent & Medway's museums was unfortunate enough to suffer any kind of emergency.  Therefore, we all decided that Kent & Medway should start a 'Salvage Group'. 

The Salvage Group has now been established via an e-GoogleGroup that anyone can sign up to - but on the understanding that putting your name into the group, you are not only eligible for help, but would be required to help others should the need arise.

How do new members sign up?

To join the group, simply follow this link!forum/kent-salvage-group/join and submit your email address (you can use your existing email address and don't have to create a new Google Account).  You will shortly receive a confirmation email, and just need to follow the ‘Join this Group’ button.  This will take you to a confirmation page that tells you your free subscription has been accepted. That's it - you don't have to do anything else, so can close the window.

Contacting the Group

Just send an email to and it will reach all members.  Remember, your personal email adderss is displayed to the rest of the members when you email the group.

How to unsubscribe?

If you would prefer not to be included in this group and would like to unsubscribe, email:

Salvage Kit

All members of the Kent Salvage Group are entitled to free usage of the new Salvage Kits now available.