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The Prime Minister’s Holocaust Commission

‘I urge everyone to share their views with me on how the UK should commemorate and educate future generations about the Holocaust’: David Cameron, the Prime Minister.

The purpose of the Prime Minister's Holocaust Commission is to investigate what further measures should be taken to ensure that Britain has a permanent memorial to the Holocaust along with the most effective teaching and the best educational resources on this important subject. A public consultation has been launched.

The Prime Minister’s Holocaust Commission Call for Evidence will run until the end of May and they want to hear from your organisations.


How can you get involved?

Host a consultation event

Whether you can gather 5 or 50 people, hosting an event that generates discussion and provides feedback to the Prime Minister’s Commission will make sure as many views as possible are heard.  Contact Helen Myer on 020 7276 0143 for a ‘Consultation Pack’ which will provide guidance on questions, stimulation material for discussion and ways to feedback and for any further support for your event.


Create a ‘views box’ for your building

Included in the Consultation Pack is a ‘share your views’ flyer giving the deadline and website address to respond to the call for evidence in full and the opportunity for people to provide a shorter response if they choose. Please post the responses you collect in May when the call for evidence closes.


Support your young people to share their views

The Prime Minister’s Holocaust Commission is seeking a youth member under the age of twenty one to join the Commission after the call for evidence closes in May. Young people are invited to enter an essay writing competition to win a place at a Youth Forum to be held at 10 Downing Street. One young person will be chosen by Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Elie Wiesel.

For further information, please click here.

Host a Consultation Pack