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Light monitoring at Royal Holloway Picture Gallery

The Hanwell Lux and UV monitors, which are a recent addition to the Conservation Resource Bank, are already being set to work at the Royal Holloway Picture Gallery. The staff at the gallery are using them to gather data with the aim to improve the lighting within the gallery and acquire suitable blinds and UV film for the windows. Light monitoring is taking place on both sides of the room to clearly show the cumulative affect both artificial and sunlight is having in the space. This data can then be used to strengthen the case for the installation of new light and blinds and also show the difference it will make to the environment of the paintings once they are installed.

The monitors are easy to set up and use the same software programme as the Hanwell temperature and RH readers. Since being acquired last month the monitors have been very popular and as a result there is only one left to loan out at the moment. Loans are available for a maximum of a year and should be used to monitor specific items or areas of concern to gather data which will inform a decision to make a change.

If you would like more information on the effects of light on collection items and ways of controlling it then Emily (Preventive Conservation Officer for Surrey, Sussex and Kent) would be happy to discuss it with you.

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