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Sign up to the ‘FWW in Kent & Medway’ mailing list

In March, about 60 people from a variety of organisations, came together to start discussing their ideas for First World War Commemorations.  Since then, we have established a Steering Group, 3 working groups, and online blog, and a mailing list, which we’d like to encourage more people to sign up to:

How do new members sign up?

To join the group, simply follow this link (!forum/fwwkentmedway/join) and submit your email address.  You will shortly receive a confirmation email, and just need to follow the ‘Join this Group’ button.  This will take you to a confirmation page that tells you your subscription has been accepted.

As a new member, why not send us an email to introduce yourself and let us know how you would like to support the group’s work; or flag up some ideas, projects or potential partnerships you’d like to get involved with?

How to contact all members?

All you need to do if you want to send a message to everyone is email: (when you email the group, your personal email will be shown in the ‘from’ field).

How to unsubscribe?

If you would prefer not to be included in this group and would like to unsubscribe, email:">

We’d really like to see the GoogleGroup actively used to have the conversations that we don’t have time for when at the meetings.

So get chatting; start contacting your fellow members with queries such as ‘we are doing X and we really need Y to help it along, which we think Z can do. Z, are you up for it?’

And don’t forget, we are always on the look out for useful information and updates to be added to the blog, so please send me ( any information you have.

To find out more, visit the blog: