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Hampshire Solent museums' Accreditation successes

March has been a great month for Hampshire Solent museums Accreditation wise, with a number of successes. Museums are continuing to use the scheme as a key improvement tool - to assess their current performance and focus on priorities when planning and developing their services - as well as a quality mark to demonstrate their effectiveness to stakeholders.

Dimbola Museum & Galleries and Southampton City Council Arts & Heritage have both received notification of Full Accreditation in the past fortnight.

Dimbola Lodge was the home of the celebrated Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron.

Southampton's Accreditation covers three very different museums: Southampton City Art Gallery; Sea City Museum; andTudor House Museum & Garden.

More museums are recognising the benefits of the scheme and starting on their journey towards Accreditation. This month Bishop's Waltham Museum and St Edward's School have both successfully submitted their Eligibility questionnaires and so are now Working Towards Accreditation.

A small local museum, run by volunteers, Bishop's Waltham Museum is housed in the Farmhouse at Bishop's Waltham Palace, an English Heritage site.

St Edward's is a school A school for boys who experience behavioural, emotional and social difficulties. Its collection of Great War artefacts is an important part of its History curriculum work. Boys from the school use the collections to deliver Living History workshops to pupils in other schools.

Congratulations to all involved.

Find out more about museum Accreditation on Arts Council England's website.