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Games for Learning - 'A waste of money'?

On Monday 24 March 2-5pm, the Digital Learning Network (DLNET) is hosting the second of its monthly series of surgeries, via the DLNET email list (anyone can join for free: instructions below).   You can also participate via Twitter using hashtag #DLNETsurgery.

This is a surgery open to non-specialists as well as people who know something about games for learning - no prior knowledge assumed.

Would you say that these points are arranged in descending order of importance, or ascending?

The ideal (digital) game...

… facilitates learning in different ways from other learning opportunities

... engages users easily and sustains their interest

... is inexpensive to develop and distribute

... can be easily updated or refreshed

… raises the profile of the organisation that produces it

... has clearly defined learning outcomes

… is likely to change the behaviour of those playing it

… gets played regularly by as many people as possible

What would be your version of this list?


This month's surgery will be facilitated by DLNET committee members:

  • Alice Heywood of National Libraries Scotland,
  • Stuart Berry, National Coal Mining Museum, and
  • Martin Bazley, Digital Heritage Consultant.  

We certainly don't have all the answers, and this is a surgery for non-specialists - please join in and share your views.  


Here is what will happen:

  • Before 24 March: send your examples:

To get the ball rolling we will email examples of games later this week. If you can think of any, please email us at or to the DLNET list by Friday 21 March.

Take a look at this presentation on 'What Museums Learn by Making Games' by Susan Edwards.  

  • During the surgery 2-5pm 24 March: find out more, or share, or both:

+ If you are thinking of commissioning a game-style learning opportunity (from quizzes to full blown games), get in touch to sound out your rationale so far

+ If you have already been involved in commissioning, developing or evaluating games, share your experience to date

 To participate you will need to be subscribed to the DLNET email list

Anyone is welcome to join by just sending an email - instructions can be found on our website.

  • After 24 March: we will share results:

A short summary will be circulated and added to the DLNET website soon after the surgery.  

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