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Preventive Conservation Training Days for Museums in Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Medway

New Year, New training days.  The three sessions below are an idea of the type of training available to your museum absolutely free of charge through the Museum Development Programme.  These three have all been run at museums in January but other sessions are available. Just get in contact to talk to us about your museums training needs.

Pest identification and management

  • Identifying pests through their physical traits and what they feed on
  • Identifying the damage caused by pests
  • The types of pest traps which are available, which traps to use and where to place them
  • Options for treatment once an outbreak has been discovered

Sussex Museums Group arranged for this session to be organised for it’s members. It was a great opportunity to learn about protecting collections from pests before the spring when they are likely to emerge.

Object handling and packing

  • Handling  techniques for a wide variety material types
  • Appropriate materials to use when packing for storage
  • Packing techniques
  • The importance of documentation when moving and packing collections

This course was run at the Surrey Heath Museum where they are currently undergoing a large project to re-pack the stored collections. Attendees from other local museums such as Shere Museum, Guildford Museum and the National Trust, provided a great opportunity to meet new people and share ideas.


  • Agents of deterioration - how these affect different material types and how to mitigate these affects on historic fabrics such was floors and
  • Object handling and how to set up bits boxes
  • Housekeeping routines – daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks for the upkeep of contents and the historic interiors
  • Monitoring of environment in a historic house interior
  • Equipment and materials – such as floor wax, cleaning historic marble floors and carpets

This course recently ran at the Powell-Cotton Museum.  As well as having to concentrate on the collection’s items in the Powell-Cotton Museum, the staff also need to care for the historic interiors of the House which is also open to the public.

Here’s what some of the attendees thought of the training sessions

“The most helpful part of the handling and packing session was learning about the correct packing materials to use and now I feel more competent about handling the collection.”

“With the knowledge and practical skills gained from the handling and packing training I will be able to work more independently and safely  when working away from the collection staff.”

“Seeing the actual pest specimens and identifying the damage they cause was very helpful. Overall very satisfied with the session and it would be good to have refreshers every so often.”

“The most helpful element of the housekeeping training was walking around the house and asking questions about specific items. I now feel much more confident within my role.”

Get in Touch!

If you are in Surrey, East and West Sussex, Kent and Medway and your museum staff would benefit from any training in preventive conservation please contact Emily, Preventative Conservation Officer, to arrange a visit. 

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