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Brading Roman Villa develops partnership with the British Museum

Since 2012, Brading Roman Villa has established a relationship with the British Museum that has become an important driver of development for the organisation. Becoming a British Museum partner for a touring exhibition represented a big step forward for the organisation and set a big challenge.

For the loan to happen, Brading needed to provide an appropriate display area. So the relationship with the British Museum became the springboard for a successful campaign to raise £100k, in order to create a high-security environmentally controlled gallery off the main space for the display of loan objects.

It's now complete and is being prepared for the arrival in the next week of  'Roman Sexuality: Images, Myths & Meanings,'a  touring exhibition from the British Museum with over fifty objects from their collection including the Warren Cup.

Brading are launching the exhibition appropriately on 14 February 2014. Events include a talk by British Museum curator Paul Roberts.

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