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Treasure Plus: Information for Applicants

This programme, launched in 2013 by the Art Fund supported by The Headley Trust, hopes to deepen public engagement with items of Treasure, and related archaeological material, by funding interpretation and research projects.

Since the Treasure Act was launched in 1997, the Art Fund has received a growing number of applications for funding towards acquisitions of items of Treasure. However, the work does not stop once the funds have been raised to acquire the pieces. Often specialist skills and further resources are needed to display and interpret the works so that they are best used and enjoyed and appreciated by the public.

This funding programme has therefore been designed to help museums of all sizes make the most of their items of Treasure, and bring these objects to life, through small grants of between £2,000 and £10,000. Small grants can be used to great effect in a variety of creative ways, from the purchase of new equipment and materials, to a pilot project which tests a new approach to interpretation using digital technology.

Interested parties are asked to discuss any initial ideas and proposals with the Programmes team at the Art Fund before submitting an application. Applicants will then be asked to complete an application form which can be downloaded from the Art Fund website.

All applications should be submitted for consideration by 12 noon on Wednesday 12 March.

To discuss an application please contact Sarah Philp, Head of Programmes, or Penny Bull, Programmes Manager (Acquisitions).

Treasure Plus - more information

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