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Arts Award and the First World War

Over the next four years millions of children and young people will be taking part in projects that commemorate the First World War. Schools and museums, along with arts organisations and community groups, will work together to inspire, make and experience creative work that provides a way into this complicated and highly emotive subject.

There are many ways that this creative work can be used by the children and young people to help them achieve an Arts Award.  Arts Awards are unique, nationally recognised qualifications that support children and young people in exploring arts, culture and heritage. For Arts Award, young people can respond to many different stimuli, including museum collections and heritage sites, while developing their understanding of the arts. They also develop their creativity, communication and leadership skills.

During the first half of 2014 Trinity College London will be working with the Centenary Programme and Partnership at the Imperial War Museum, helping museums and schools understand how the exhibitions and events being planned by museums to commemorate the FWW could be used within the Arts Award framework. They will be developing resources and sharing some of the FWW projects already under way. They plan to launch a Special Edition Arts Award certificate for children and young people whose Arts Award work is inspired, in part or entirely, by the FWW.

For more information about how Arts Award can be linked to creative projects inspired by the FWW, see the introductory briefing below.  They will be producing further resources and would welcome suggestions of information that would help museums.

Arts Award and the First World War