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A Health Check for Numismatics

Do you want a ‘health check’ for your numismatics?  

The Money and Medals Network is an Arts Council funded project that exists to build and develop relationships between UK museums with numismatic collections. The intention is to provide support where needed in terms of identification, storage and display of coins, medals, banknotes and associated objects.

From Henry Flynn, Project Curator, Museums, Money and Medals Network:

“An important aspect of the project is collections mapping.  Institutions are being contacted about their collections with a view to making this information publicly accessible on the Money and Medals website:

Each institution then gets its own page on the website which can be customised with relevant logos and images. Please see the Manchester example here:   We also want the Network to act as a hub for creating and delivering resources, training etc (in response to the needs gleaned from the museum visits) and to link in to existing schemes and networks where they are already in place.  I have been working to develop a training hub in the North West over the past few weeks and a series of seminars on numismatics were held in Manchester at the end of June."  

If you are interested, please contact Henry Flynn, Project Curator, Museums, Money and Medals Network, Department of Coins and Medals, The British Museum, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3DG Tel: 0207 323 8255 ,