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Society for Museum Archaeology, SMART Project Consultancy Brief

Sunday 31st March 2019

The Society for Museum Archaeology has been awarded funding by Arts Council England (ACE) that will be used to deliver the SMART Project (Society for Museum Archaeology Resources and Training Project).   The SMART Project represents a step-change for the Society in its ability to address in a practical way the challenges facing those charged with the care of archaeology collections: these challenges have been brought into sharp focus by the survey work SMA has been doing on behalf of Historic England from 2016 to 2018. 

The overall purpose of this element of the project is to undertake a thorough review of the now out-dated 1992 ‘Standards in the Museum Care of Archaeological Collections’ published by the Museum & Galleries Commission, and to supply a written report to SMA that identifies the most appropriate subject matter and content to form the basis of a new set of flexible and easily-digestible online guidelines for the care and management of archaeological collections in museums. The consultant fee is £4500 (inclusive of VAT and travel).

The deadline for proposals is 31 March 2019.

Work Package 1: Review of standards in the museum care of archaeological collections.