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Help BBC Radio Solent to share 'WW1 At Home' stories

As part of the BBC’s 1914 anniversary programming, there will be a strand called ‘WW1 At Home’ on local radio stations and the website.

Reporters Marcus White (covering IoW, Dorset, southern Hampshire as far north as Andover-Alton) and Janice Hunter (covering Berkshire and North Hampshire, including Aldershot, Farnborough) are working to gather around 20 stories for broadcast on local radio and online, with the first transmission in late February 2014. The stories must be about specific local places NOT the front (e.g. VCs will be covered by the BBC elsewhere).

Some examples already gathered: the focus of a story about medical practice will be Netley Hospital; a piece on the use and subsequent expansion of forests will start at Portuguese Fireplace.

Marcus and Janice would be very grateful for story suggestions along these lines, especially if they come with an expert who is prepared to be interviewed!   The stories are checked by 'companion historians' Ian Beckett and Helen McCartney. Stories which fall outside the project brief can still be used at a later date.

Deadline - they will submit stories for commissioning by their editors this Thursday 21st  November. There will be room for a few late arrivals after that.

Got an important local First World War story to share? Then email .