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Call for Papers: Digital Learning in Museums, Oxford University Museums & Digital Learning Network Conference

Monday 10th April 2017

Partnership Event from the Oxford University Museums Partnership and the Digital Learning Network

This one day conference will be devoted to digital learning in museums, with a particular focus on ‘formal learning’. The day aims to share insights and lessons from current work happening across he sector, but also discuss bigger questions around the role of digital in terms of learning strategies and sustainability.

Call for Papers

We would like to invite submissions from colleagues working in museums or cultural organisations to share digital learning experiences they have developed, discuss the process of developing or adopting tools, share insights and lessons learned, and discuss the role of digital in their learning strategies. Papers could focus on:

  • Examples of learning experiences with a digital element currently being delivered and reflections on the impact of digital within museum learning programmes;
  • Developing, adopting or adapting digital tools for learning, sharing thoughts on areas such as user needs research, content and technical development, usability testing, piloting and awareness raising, evaluation, future proofing and strategic thinking;
  • Sharing lessons and insights that will be useful to colleagues working across the sector such as insights into user needs, what you would (and wouldn’t) do next time on a project, unexpected issues (and triumphs), etc.

Deadline: Midday, 10th April 2017.

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