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Security Review 'sharing day'

Accredited museums must obtain expert and objective security advice for collections at least every five years and plan to implement any recommendations.  We are interested to find out if there are museums in west Kent who are due a review of their security arrangements and would benefit from a 'sharing day' with a consultant security advisor to help meet the Accreditation requirement. Please contact to register your interest.

British Council announces projects supported by the Cultural Protection Fund

Be inspired by the projects supported by the Cultural Protection Fund 

Following the Fund launch in June 2016, the first round of projects supported by the Cultural Protection Fund have been announced.

In the first round of grants, the money will be used by UK and international organisations to work in conflict-affected countries across the Middle East and North Africa.

These organisations are building skills so that local experts can protect their own cultural assets for future generations; ensuring that sites under threat are documented, conserved and restored; and helping local people to identify and value cultural heritage.

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