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Security Review 'sharing day'

Accredited museums must obtain expert and objective security advice for collections at least every five years and plan to implement any recommendations.  We are interested to find out if there are museums in west Kent who are due a review of their security arrangements and would benefit from a 'sharing day' with a consultant security advisor to help meet the Accreditation requirement. Please contact to register your interest.

A new 'Collections for All' website for natural sciences

Collections for All is a space for helping to connect people to natural science collections throughout the UK. They are doing this through sharing the values of natural science collections in relation to research, science, museum practice, engagement and education.

This will be a space for informal learning which will be done via forums, as well as information and knowledge exchanges between natural science curators, educators, researchers, medical professionals & more.

The museums and organisations currently working together to shape this space as well as share expertise and knowledge, include, Arts Council England, Birmingham Museums Trust, Collections Trust, Manchester Museum, Museum of London, National Museum Directors Council, Natural History Museum, National Museum of Wales, Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Tate, London, & more.