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Security Review 'sharing day'

Accredited museums must obtain expert and objective security advice for collections at least every five years and plan to implement any recommendations.  We are interested to find out if there are museums in west Kent who are due a review of their security arrangements and would benefit from a 'sharing day' with a consultant security advisor to help meet the Accreditation requirement. Please contact to register your interest.

Paul Hamlyn Arts-based Learning Fund

The purpose of the Fund

We want to encourage the development, use and sustainability of effective arts-based activities in education, through arts organisations working with schools, further education colleges and teachers. This fund will support arts organisations working with schools to improve the evidence base for their work, so that they can do more to enhance the lives, development and achievements of children and young people.

Two types of grant are available under this Fund to support work at different stages of development:

  • Arts-based Learning ‘explore and test’ grants – offering funding for up to two years to help test new approaches or gather evidence for the first time about approaches that have been used before
  • Arts-based Learning ‘more and better’ grants – offering longer, larger grants to help increase the impact and effectiveness of work which has already shown promise or positive impact

We will consider applications for work that meets the following three criteria:

  1. takes place on or off school premises and in or out of school hours; and
  2. involves any of the following: crafts, creative writing (including poetry), dance, design, film, music, opera, photography, digital arts and media, theatre and drama, the visual arts, and cross-arts practices; and
  3. is about learning in arts subjects or uses arts-based approaches to do one or more of the following:
  • teach other subjects (e.g. teaching science through drama-based techniques, or maths by using music, or history through the study of paintings, etc.)
  • support other positive whole school outcomes (e.g. cohesion, behaviour, etc.)
  • support students’ life skills and readiness to learn (e.g. self-confidence, engagement, etc.)

Find out more and apply on the Paul Hamlyn website