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#MuseumWeek is BACK and it’s Bigger & Better

Mar Dixon's announced #MuseumWeek is Back!

Mar says:

Mark your calendars as the week of March 23rd is the return of the very popular #MuseumWeek!  Last year, #MuseumWeek gave Twitter users special access to more than 630 European museums and galleries. 

#MuseumWeek – Why (and how) Everyone Should Get Involved
Highlights of #MuseumWeek

The dates (March 23-29) and themes for #MuseumWeek 2015 have been announced on Twitter.

A variety of hashtags have been created that will be diverse enough for everyone to get involved. This isn’t just about museums – visitors and the public have a role in this campaign also!

Each day there will be another hashtag and theme but every day the organisers would like you to use #MuseumWeek (#MuseumWeek +DailyHashtag - see table). During sign up museums are asked to categorize themselves – this isn’t about data mining – this is for you to take the time to look those who signed up and find museums that might have similar collection and start a dialogue.

If you have any questions, please tweet @Museumweek or @MarDixon and answers will be given online to encourage those that might be wondering the same thing. 

Mar's #MuseumWeek FAQs:

Do I have to take part every day?
Of course not! But do try to encourage your visitors and followers to take part. ​ ​There is a balance of museum-led and audience/visitor led to lighten the load. ​

How do I let my visitors know?
​You can put notices up in house and also on your website (and of course Twitter). ​

How do I deal with the timezone issue?
You can decide on the time that works best for you. If you can only designate 11-2 each day, then explain that to your followers.

Should I use both hashtags in every Tweet?
​Yes please – but if you can only fit one, make it #MuseumWeek if possible.

What if our museum is closed/being renovated?
You can still take part and encourage your followers to be creative with the hashtags.

This seems like a lot of work – we don’t have the staff for this.
This is completely flexible and shouldn't be a burden – this is fun! Just put in what you can.

​Before #MuseumWeek, engage with other museums on the list. This could be like-minded museums or maybe a museum from another country you’d like to collaborate with!

Mar's #MuseumWeek Top Tips:

GET INVOLVED – jump into conversations even if they are not directed to you.
DON’T MARKET – this is a week to highlight the great outreach and collection of museums. Don’t use it for marketing.
BE SOCIAL – Have a bit of fun with the hashtags.
ASK QUESTIONS – As a museum, be the leader in asking other museums questions. There is always room to learn.
HAVE FUN – don’t be overwhelmed with the hashtags – just enjoy it and use it as a chance to engage with new international audiences.

#MuseumWeek is Back!