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Heritage Grants launched by Swale Borough Council

Swale Borough Council has launched a new Heritage Grant Fund to support community projects aimed at celebrating Swale's rich past.

A sum of £10,000 has been set aside to support community projects and organisations help achieve the heritage objectives set out in Realising our ambitions for Swale - Environment and Liveability. The fund is open for bids with immediate effect and ends on 31 March 2015. The maximum grant for any one project is £1,000.

The first successful applicant was Christine Locke at Diversity House. Christine applied for a £300 grant to help fund a participatory research project which, using Benin Masks on display as an iconic emblem at the British Museum, will encourage learning, documenting the rich and diverse cultures of the Nigerian people and the history they share with the UK.

Cllr Mike Whiting said:

"I am delighted the Diversity House Project is our first recipient of our Heritage Grant. Heritage comes in many forms and represents many communities here in Swale. Across the Borough, there is a wealth of heritage for locals and visitors to enjoy. From the historic dockyards in Sheerness and quays at Queenborough, Milton Regis, Conyer, Lower Halstow and Faversham, to the light railways, ancient orchards, museums and historic buildings, Swale is simply awash with heritage. I hope that this new initiative will attract many applications and that many groups will benefit."

If you are interested in applying to the Heritage Grants fund, please email Brooke Buttfield or phone 01795 417155.  For an application form and a scheme summary, visit the SBC website.