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The Museum Development Programme is committed to promoting the widest possible access to museums, their ideas and their collections. We see learning in its widest sense as a lifelong and life-enhancing experience. We believe museums have a vital role to play in education, community spirit, well-being, life opportunity and recreation.

Our learning support service enables museums to sustain and develop their work as agents for outstanding cultural experiences with all ages, abilities and interests.

Key mechanisms for support is offered through:

Sub-regional Learning Networks:

There are two key networks for the education providers in  the SEWS sub-region. These networks are a mechanism for discussion, training, skill sharing, mentoring and progressing our service.

  • The Learning Liaison Forum Group (LLF) is a cross-regional group for Surrey and Sussex educators. It meets 3 times per year and offers a structured training element as part of each meeting.
  • The Museums of Surrey Education Group (MuSE) involves those interested in any aspect of learning relating to museums and provides an opportunity to use MuSE as a communication network. It meets 4 times a year.