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    I am a volunteer at Emsworth Museum and we currently have a very old version of MODES which is not very user friendly and is not being used to its full ability. I have undertaken to investigate whether we should get the current version or switch to software which will be more suited to volunteer staff who will just be indexing material occasionally. I would be interested in hearing from any other museums run by volunteers about their experience of MODES. Which version of MODES do you have and do you find it easy to use? Do you have one person who deals with the recoding of acquisitions cataloguing and indexing and are all your different categories of materials all put on to the system? Are there any volunteers who have been fully trained on the use of MODES? Is your collection searchable on the web? Lastly would you recommend MODES for museums of our type where there are no full time staff? I would be very grateful for your comments and hope you can don’t mind sparing some time to answer my questions. email ms.taplin@yahoo.co.uk

    Posted by: Marguerita Taplin
    on 17-08-2015

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    Comparator museums wanted

    A small museum in South Wales is working on an HLF transition funding bid. HLF has asked for some comparator museums to provide evidence for sustainability, such as income figures for similar museums, to show they can afford to keep the doors open once their money runs out. They need examples which are: - mainly volunteer run, with perhaps one or two members of staff and preferably tick one of these boxes: - visitor numbers c 40,000 - social/ local history - have a shop/ café/ membership scheme/ membership charge Are there any such museums in SE England who would be willing to share this type of data? It would be much appreciated.

    Posted by: Carol Whittaker
    on 14-08-2015

  • help needed

    Mannequins and rope barriers needed for exhibition

    The Museum of Farnham would like to loan around 10 female mannequins and rope barriers for an exhibition starting on November 7th and ending on the 22nd February. The mannequins will be displaying mostly 20th century dresses waist 22-26 inches and bust 33-36 inches. Thank you!

    Posted by: Sophie Smith
    on 13-08-2015

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    Looking for display cases

    We are after two display cases similar to the one in the attached photograph. Are there any museums with something like this to sell? Thanks, Danielle

    Posted by: Danielle Sellers
    on 05-08-2015

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    Available Immediately

    The Eling Experience has a set of shop scales and 2 small wooden models of a fictional wharf available. We also still have some 50s/60s/70s projectors and screens.

    Posted by: Ruth Kerr
    on 28-07-2015

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    Donations Box Needed

    Do you have an unused professional-looking donations box anywhere in your organisation that we could borrow? We need it from the 21st to the 31st July for a special event. If so, please contact Rob on coafish@sussexpast.co.uk Thanks!

    Posted by: Rob Symmons
    on 07-07-2015

  • help needed

    Collections Review Peer Development Group - we need you!

    We need 2-3 more members to make a Collections Review and Rationalisation PDG viable. This is a fantastic opportunity to share best practice in what can be a difficult yet rewarding area of collections management. More details about the process can be found here http://www.southeastmuseums.org/PDG-HS-2015-18 as well as the link to the Expression of Interest form that we would need to submit as a group by the 10th August.

    Posted by: Sarah Wyatt
    on 02-07-2015

  • help needed

    Dryad upright rug loom

    Long shot I know, but we are trying to date this Dryad upright rug loom - any ideas, or where we can go to ask?

    Posted by: Neil Aplin
    on 22-06-2015

  • eveything else

    Artefacts - set dressing or handling

    The Eling Experience is currently closed while we make changes to our buildings and displays. We have a number of items that aren’t required for our new displays that may provide useful period set dressing or handling items for another organisation. They vary from industrial items (rail/tram sleeper, fixing plates, blow torches) to social history (lanterns, bottles, typewriters) to AV equipment (projectors, screens). If you would like a list, please contact ruth.kerr@elingexperience.co.uk

    Posted by: Ruth Kerr
    on 12-06-2015

  • help needed

    Company to make an acrylic display cover

    We are looking for a company/person to make an Acrylic cover for a model steam engine. Any recommendations would be very welcome. Thank you.

    Posted by: Mary Flinn
    on 03-06-2015

  • help needed

    Photographer with experience of museum photography

    We need a good photographer to do some photography of taxidermy specimens in glass cases and other natural history items. Does anyone have any photographers they would recommend?

    Posted by: Linda Ellis
    on 21-05-2015

  • eveything else

    Peer Development Group for Freelancers

    Are you a freelancer working in the museums and heritage sector in Hampshire or the Isle of Wight? Would you be interested in joining a group of freelancers to network, share ideas and benefit from peer learning? We are exploring the need for and interest in setting up a Peer Development Group for Freelancers supported by the Hampshire-Solent Museum Development programme. Join us at the Peer Development Groups Information and Networking Session, Tuesday 23rd June 2015,2.00pm to 4.30pm at Chilcomb House, Winchester. More details at http://bit.ly/1F0tvUd

    Posted by: Padmini Broomfield
    on 19-05-2015

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    Exhibitions for Loan from Bucks County Museum Trust

    “We have an amazing variety of stuff in the County Collection and the new Trustees are keen for it to be got out on display as much as possible. Contact us for the list of exhibition material (for the cost of petrol only) to be installed with you if you have suitable cases – or we may exceptionally be able to bring one or two with us if that is needed. Display standards may not be tip top but we have lots of good stuff and some of the shows already have good quality graphic support.  The further way from Aylesbury the better as far as we are concerned – please don’t be shy about trying to bag some! “

    E mail. rdepeyer@buckscountymuseum.org  Tel. 01296 382119 Mob. 07796 926606

    List of exhibitions

    Posted by: Richard de Peyer, Director, Bucks County Museum.
    on 19-05-2015

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    Fire Warden Training - any interest?

    Hi, We are thinking about organising some fire warden training. It would be delivered by the trading arm of Hampshire Fire and Rescue at our museum (Bursledon Brickworks in Swanwick, between Southampton and Fareham). There can be up to 12 delegates but we don't need that many spaces so we are interested to hear from any other museums who would like to share! It would work out at £48 per person, provided we can get 12 people. We would organise it to take place over the summer, probably on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Please let me know if you are interested. Many thanks

    Posted by: Mary Flinn
    on 19-05-2015

  • help offered

    Reaper-Binder Canvases Looking for New Home

    We have about 10 canvases for a reaper-binder machine (which we don't unfortunately have!). So we are now looking for anyone with a reaper-binder machine who would like to have the canvasses as part of their collection. If you know of anyone please let us know, or pass the word along. Thanks Neil Neil Aplin Trustee White Mill Rural Heritage Centre The Causeway Ash Road Sandwich Kent CT13 9JB 07900 531284 neil@latitude28.co.uk www.whitemillheritagecentre.org.uk www.facebook.com/whitemillruralheritagecentre www.twitter.com/whitemillmuseum www.flickr.com/photos/whitemillheritagecentre

    Posted by: Neil Aplin
    on 13-05-2015

  • help needed


    We are a heritage centre and Music Hall on the Isle of Sheppey and have just taken on another building which is 4 miles away. We are in need of display cases as he new centre is all about aviation and we need to house models of planes. We have also been donated several large models of ships as our main centre is about the maritime heritage of the island. Has anyone any experience of having purpose built display cases that we could put these in.

    Posted by: Jenny Hurkett
    on 25-04-2015

  • eveything else

    Maintenance and repairs to Military Guns

    Does anyone have any advice or knowledge of kent based companies experienced in the repair and maintenance of de-comissioned large guns (anti-aircraft ww2, field guns) Any help greatly appreciated

    Posted by: Lyndsey
    on 24-04-2015

  • help needed

    Disposal of very large and heavy glass display case

    We have permission to dispose of the glass display case which originally held our Queen Mary ship model. It is very large: 6930 x 1290 x 2010 mm, and weighs approx 1500Kg. It is currently crated up for removal. As the glass does not meet current H&S standards, we accept that we will probably have to arrange commercial disposal, so I would be grateful if anyone knows of a firm who could carry this out. However, if anyone would like it for any other purpose, please let me know.

    Posted by: Karen Wardley
    on 24-04-2015

  • help needed

    Display Cases Urgently Needed

    The Pompey Pals Project (registered charity 1159596) urgently requires display cases to display WW1 artefacts we are able to collect all sizes considered. Please contact bobbeech@pompeypals.org.uk or chrispennycook@pompeypals.org.uk

    Posted by: Bob Beech
    on 14-04-2015

  • help needed

    Environmental monitoring equipment advice please

    I am looking to buy some equipment to monitor the temperature and RH at our museum and would love to know what similiar institutions use. We are a Victorian brickworks so the buildings are basic (damp) and large. We are predominantly volunteer staffed so we're looking for something that requires minimal training to operate successfully as people come and go. Also, our budget is small! We are looking at options from Preservation Equipment, Maplins and Pets At Home, including hand-held spot monitors and multiple monitors kept in-situ. Any advice and experience would be gratefully received.

    Posted by: Mary Flinn
    on 31-03-2015

  • help needed

    1960s Kitchen Display

    The Southwick Society are putting on an exhibition about Sixties Southwick in the Manor Cottage Heritage Centre. As part of this we are recreating a 1960s kitchen and are looking to borrow a suitable period kitchen cupboard or display case. Also period items such as cereal packaging or electrical gadgets.

    Posted by: Mary
    on 31-03-2015

  • help offered

    Tips on running Museums at Night events

    If your museum would like to discuss how best to plan and market events as part of the Museums at Night festival (13-16 May and 30-31 October 2015) please give me a call at any time! I'm the Campaigns Officer here at Culture24 and I should be able to give you some guidance and point you in the direction of helpful resources, partnership offers or case studies. My direct line is 01273 623336 - looking forward to talking to you.

    Posted by: Rosie Clarke
    on 27-03-2015

  • help needed

    Tools of the Trade training films

    Hello With funding from Arts Council England, the Social History Curators Group have produced a series of films to help you identify tools in your collection. The experts in these films pick out some of the most commonly found tools, explain what they are and give a practical demonstration of how they were used. They can be viewed here http://shcg.org.uk/films Please tell us what you think about the Tools of the Trade films. To be included in the formal evaluation, please complete this form by 13 March 2015. I've invited you to fill out the form Tools of the Trade Feedback - museum professionals. To fill it out, visit: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rNvC-1AXvl7MBMQ1QXhKdN2nH2-ilegqH8acrSsb3Yk/viewform?c=0&w=1&usp=mail_form_link Thank you

    Posted by: Nicky McIntosh
    on 26-02-2015

  • help needed

    OCR of magazines

    Greetings from The Hockey Museum in Woking. We are a young museum & are trying to record & preserve the history & heritage of hockey. Key among our requirements is our ability to answer enquiries. We have a century's worth of women's & men's hockey magazines which were produced weekly for at least the first 50 years of the 20th century so we have a lot of them! How do we access the information quickly? Is OCR the only way or best way to achieve this? If you have any comments or experience in this area I would be really grateful to hear from you.

    Posted by: Mike Smith
    on 22-02-2015

  • eveything else

    Display Case

    Display Case available for immediate collection from Totton & Eling Heritage Centre, dimensions 160 x 73 x 50. If you are interested please contact Helen Robinson on 023 80 424006 or Helen.robinson@totton-and-eling-tc.gov.uk

    Posted by: Helen Rooinson
    on 17-02-2015

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