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    Glow in the dark markers or labels

    Can anyone suggest a source of 'glow in the dark' markers/labels to mark objects on emergency service grab list?

    Posted by: Katy Ball
    on 11-02-2015

  • help needed

    How does Twitter work?

    Could someone explain or recommend a good source of information about Twitter, how it works and the language to use?

    Posted by: Di Budden
    on 11-02-2015

  • help needed

    Network for Personal Assistants and Administrative Support

    Dear Colleagues, My name is Ellie de Beer. I have worked as a Personal Assistant to Andrea Bishop, our Director of Collections here at the National Motor Musuem Trust at Beaulieu for 9 months. As part of my appraisal, I presented Andrea with the idea of me setting up and participating in a network to include other PA and Administrative Support Colleagues from other Museums. I strongly believe that being part of a network of like minded professionals would provide a catalyst for sharing experiences, ideas and new ways of thinking; thus developing our own knowledge and skills base, our confidence and our effectiveness at being PA's/Office Administrators - roles which I hasten to add are largely overlooked but are key to organisational success within Museum settings. I am consequently looking for other PA's/Administrative personnel from a Museum environment to network with. This can begin with organising a meeting or through teleconference. As a next step, we could put the group forward as a Peer Developement Group topic for next year, to get the same support package as other existing PDGs. Let me know what you think! Best Wishes, Ellie de Beer PA to Director of Collections, National Motor Museum Trust, Beaulieu, 01590 614 673 ellie.debeer@beaulieu.co.uk

    Posted by: ELLIE DE BEER
    on 10-02-2015

  • help offered

    Jigsaw of Africa

    We have a table top jigsaw puzzle of Africa - free for anyone to have. Collection only from the Powell-Cotton Museum, Birchington-On-Sea. Dimensions : 117cm deep x 87cm wide x 51cm tall. Please contact Abby or Claire - shop@quexmuseum.org / 01843 842168

    Posted by: Abby Wise
    on 04-02-2015

  • help needed

    German oral historian seeks British WWII veterans

    Project in Bremen, Germany, to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, seeks WWII British veterans involved in the liberation of Bremen in April 1945. Also looking for any related documentary and archival material like letters, pictures, biographies, newspaper articles. Regiments involved were: the 51st Highland Division, the 52nd Lowland Division, the 43rd Wessex Division and the 53rd Welsh Division, East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Regiments. Thank you.

    Posted by: Padmini Broomfield
    on 03-02-2015

  • eveything else

    Microfiche reader offer

    A microfiche reader is available for anyone who can collect from Angmering. Last time out it worked. John.d.french@tesco.net

    Posted by: John French
    on 02-02-2015

  • eveything else

    Large Display Cabinets

    Three cabinets available. They measure 72" high, by 79" wide and 27" deep. (Two are on the sixth floor of a watermill and recipient will have to dismantle and transport). Crabble Corn Mill, River, Dover. 01304 823292

    Posted by: Caroline Fox Betts
    on 02-02-2015

  • help offered

    Exhibition and Project Planning help offered

    I am a retired project manager and have considerable experience in training project management skills. If you would like help scoping out your exhibition or event and developing a project plan please let me know. I can run training day for teams or provided one to one help to an individual. Please contact me for more information or to discuss.

    Posted by: Jenny Crawford
    on 25-01-2015

  • help offered

    Museum mentoring...

    Hi I am taking the first steps into the world of Museum Mentoring and wondered if there were any museums in the south-east currently looking for a mentor, or who may be interested in a mentor in the near future? I would be looking to support museums in their journey towards accreditation or in supporting a museum making their accreditation return (particularly those looking at meeting the requirements of the updated standard in their next return). My particular skills are in the area of collections management and governance, and in policy and procedural development. I live in Hampshire and work in London and would be available for meetings and email/phone contact over weekends and at pre-planned times during the week. I have worked in both local authority museums in charitable trusts, and am currently the Collections Manager for the Society of Antiquaries of London (www.sal.org.uk), managing a mixed collection of art and archaeology. My particular skills are in the care of archaeological and art collections, and archaeological deposition, as well as in strategic forward planning, collections care and in the coordination of research interests to promote collections(pimping out our portrait of Richard III being the most recent example)! Please do get in touch if you are interested - I am happy to provide a CV.

    Posted by: Anooshka Rawden
    on 20-01-2015

  • help offered

    Experienced History teacher offers Roadshow / Presentations on an array of topics

    I am a teacher of some 36 years experience in teaching History and am the founder of a World War 1 Museum at my school that currently has an extensive and highly acclaimed collection of artefacts relating to the experience of men on the Western Front. I also have a significant interest in a range of other topics which I am happy to present on. As a Longbow archer in my spare time, I have a profound interest in that which may well be of use to organisations who are doing something to mark the centenary of Agincourt. In much the same way, I am happy to present a talk on the Battle of Waterloo, which also celebrates its centenary. Our Museum at school also has an extensive array of artefacts relating to the period of the Viking attacks on Wessex....that too is something I would be happy to share. At present,I live fairly centrally,in the Romsey area of Hampshire. Stephen Whelan Head of History St Edward's School

    Posted by: Stephen Whelan
    on 06-01-2015

  • help needed

    Exhibition equipment needed

    Does anyone have any of the below items which they may be able to loan from March 2015- beginning Nov 2015 for an exhibition at Danson House in London Borough of Bexley?

    A secure de-mountable display case H 190 cm x W160 cm x D 260 cm?

    A Perspex box 148 cm X 148 cm for display purposes to attach to a padded backboard (padded backboard not needed)? It is to display a shawl.

    Any joining rails (1 pair double length joining rails and 2 pairs single length joining rails) for Click Netherfield/ Tess Evolution 1 display cases?

    A hat stand or suitable display plinth for a hat to go inside a display case?

    Posted by: Kirsty Macklen
    on 19-12-2014

  • help offered

    Glass display case

    Sevenoaks Library has a glass display cases to give away. It is around 1m 80cm high and 40 cm wide. If interested, please contact Janet Davies or Phil Hodkisson as soon as possible at Sevenoaks Library, on 01732 585300. Janet can also be emailed at janet.davies@kent.gov.uk

    Posted by: Carol Griffiths
    on 17-12-2014

  • eveything else

    Display case for models needed

    We are looking for some cases to display architectural models of Chiddingstone Castle and Chiddingstone village. We are happy to pick up from the South East. Please email me on curator@chiddingstonecastle.org.uk

    Posted by: Maria Esain
    on 10-12-2014

  • help needed

    Where do you find images for interpretation?

    Hello, I usually struggle to find high quality, Copyright cleared images to add to our interpretation panels. I can see that some museums use the British Library but the prices are well beyond our budget. Any thoughts? Thank you

    Posted by: Maria Esain
    on 08-12-2014

  • eveything else

    Large Display Case

    Large Display Case Available (not contents), must have own transport, can be removed from Totton & Eling Heritage Centre in January 15. If you are interested contact Helen Robinson on 023 80 424006 or helen.robinson@totton-and-eling-tc.gov.uk

    Posted by: Helen Robinson
    on 03-12-2014

  • eveything else

    Shop Display

    Large Shop display available, has shop door, window and space inside for internal display. Can be removed from Totton & Eling Heritage Centre in January, must have own transportation. If you are interested contact Helen Robinson on 023 80 424006 or helen.robinson@totton-and-eling-tc.gov.uk for more info and pics

    Posted by: Helen Robinson
    on 03-12-2014

  • eveything else

    Cottage Display

    Cottage museum display available, with 'most' of the items shown in the picture (however, some may belong to Totton & Eling Historical Society) including the range. You would need to arrange your own transportation and this could be removed some time in January. If you are interested contact Helen Robinson on 023 80 424006 or helen.robinson@totton-and-eling-tc.gov.uk for more photos and info

    Posted by: Helen Robinson
    on 03-12-2014

  • eveything else

    Shipbuilding Display

    Large Shipbuilding Display available, currently on display at Totton & Eling Heritage Centre dimensions 11ft x 9ft x 5ft 6", must be able to collect using own transport, can be collected anytime in January. Contact Helen Robinson on 023 80 424006 or helen.robinson@totton-and-eling-tc.gov.uk

    Posted by: Helen Robinson
    on 03-12-2014

  • help needed

    Cases needed

    Oxfordshire Museum Service (OMS) is planning a project with the residents of Faringdon for 2015. Faringdon town has no museum of its own, but the residents have come up with a great idea for a project, which is to place cases of objects around the town in local businesses, such as shops and cafes. The material in the cases will either relate to the precise location of the case, such as archaeological material excavated within a few metres of the case's location, or material relevant to the business in which the case is placed, such as a typology of blades, from palaeolithic handaxes through to stanley knives, in the hardware shop. The pilot project will run for 2-3 months, after which the town will use it as a basis on which to make a bid for funding to continue via HLF or elsewhere. The project already has the support of the town council and many local businesses. What we need to find is 6-8 suitable museum cases which can be loaned for the duration of the pilot. We can collect.

    Posted by: David Moon
    on 21-11-2014

  • help needed

    What's bugging me?

    Hi All Further to the post from Southampton below, can anyone suggest publications or guides that will help me identify insects (pest and non-pest species) caught on our pest monitors? Thanks!

    Posted by: Rob Symmons
    on 19-11-2014

  • help needed

    BSL/ Visually Descriptive Tours

    I am looking to run some BSL and Visually Descriptive Tours here at Stowe House. I was wondering whether other museums employ outside organisations to deliver these or are they delivered by current staff? Does anyone have any recommendations of organisations who deliver these? Thank you in advance

    Posted by: Ruth Peters
    on 16-11-2014

  • help needed

    Whitehawk Neolithic Causewayed Enclosure

    Have any museums got any material from Whitehawk (excavations in 1929, 1933 and 1935) in their collections ? If so - could they contact me - Andy Maxted at Brighton Museum. Many thanks, Andy

    Posted by: Andy Maxted
    on 03-11-2014

  • eveything else

    First World War Replica Trench

    Hello All, At Slough Museum we are just coming to the end of a WWI project part of which has involved working with secondary school students to create an exhibition. The exhibition they created took the form of a first world war replica trench built by one of the museum's amazing volunteers. It is currently on display at the school until December this year however after that we won't have room to store it. If anybody might have any use for it then they are welcome to it, as it would be a shame to have to destroy it! The trench is in 3 sections and each section is roughly 8ft long and it fits together in a zig zag shape so the entire length is roughly 16ft long and 8ft wide when the structure is all assembled. If anybody is interested then please feel free to contact me directly on charlottesloughmuseum@gmail.com and I can give you some information. Thanks, Charlotte

    Posted by: Charlotte Williams
    on 31-10-2014

  • eveything else

    79 x Frames Available

    Hello. 79 frames are available and ready for collection from the Kent History and Library Centre in Maidstone. The frames' external measurements are 454mm x 608mm. The inner measurements are 405mm x 558mm. The frames are made of wood and gold in colour, with board backing and non-UV glass. The frames have wall fixings attached, which could be removed. There are no tabs to hold the backing board in place, so nails or a tab driver would be required to enable these frames to be used. The frames are free, and to be collected from Maidstone. Please feel free to get in contact with any other questions.

    Posted by: M Bristow
    on 27-10-2014

  • help needed

    Pest management training needed

    Collections team at Southampton have identified need for some basic training in ID of and dealing with pests, particularly those found on paper-based materials, books and photographs. Can anyone suggest a trainer who could deliver an in-house workshop for us, preferably practical and hands-on? Thanks!

    Posted by: Karen Wardley
    on 24-10-2014

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