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    Natural History and Ethnographic Objects Looking for New Home

    Canterbury Museums and Galleries wish to offer objects from our natural history and ethnographic collections which no longer fit with our Collections Development Policy to other accredited museums. We ask that collectors are responsible for the collection and transport of objects. 520 items from the Natural History collection have been approved for disposal following a collections review, including: mounted Persian fallow deer antlers; a large snake skin; a large number of tropical shells. A full list of these items is available on request. 37 ethnographic items have been approved for disposal following a collections review. A full list of these items is available on request. For more information, please email craig.bowen@canterbury.gov.uk, or coralie.clover@canterbury.gov.uk.

    Posted by: Coralie Clover
    on 14-07-2017

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    OFFER: ClickNetherfield Vista Case with antibandit glass

    ClickNetherfield Vista Case 5000mm long x 1200 wide x 1880mm wide This is a high security case with 11.5mm antibandit glass. Clear glass on all sides - we have applied vinyl graphics to improve the exhibition space (these are quick and easy to remove). Currently located on the first floor of Whitchurch Silk Mill. This case was installed in 2007 and is now offered free to a museum. Due to high security specification this case is very heavy, about 1100kg. Although a ClickNetherfield case, it was installed by About Presentation who may be willing to consult on its removal / transportation. A specification sheet is available from the Mill. Please note to purchase a similar specification case today would cost in excess of £20,000. Dismantling, transport and reassembling the case would be the responsibility of the new owners. The case will be available after 1st September 2017 (when the Mill closes for refurbishment) from Whitchurch Silk Mill, 28 Winchester Street, Whitchurch, Hampshire, RG28 7AL Telephone:01256 892065 Email:sue.tapliss@whitchurchsilkmill.org.uk

    Posted by: Sue Tapliss
    on 10-06-2017

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    Free to Collect WW2 Baby/Toddler Gas Hood

    Hertitage Branch at RHQ the Rifles, have available free to any museum that can come and collect it, a WW2 Baby/Toddler Gas Hood as issued by the Govt for ARP measures amongst the population. Complete, intact, good condition overall some rust to rear plate. An interesting piece for any Home Front Presentation or recreated early 1940s scene. Disposal due to irrelevance to our collection policy.Please contact us if you are interested. Inquiries dealt with on a first come first served basis. I look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested.

    Posted by: Major R K Yuill
    on 06-06-2017

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    Male Torso Mannequins Free to collect

    RHQ The Rifles, Heritage Branch,at Peninsula Barracks, Winchester have available 6 torso mannequins (male), three with stands, available for any museum that wants them and can collect from our Winchester site. Applications received on a first come first served basis. Looking forward to hearing from anyone who is interested in these free mannequins.

    Posted by: Major R K Yuill
    on 06-06-2017

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    OFFER: Two Male Fibreglass Mannequins with sculpted faces

    One adult male and one young boy / adolescent mannequin offered free of charge to Museum or Heritage Site. Would suit open display / diorama. Faces are sculpted and in good condition, arms and legs articulated. One comes with modern nylon wig, the adult male is dressed as a c.1830s weaver / worker. Would prefer to go together, although would separate if required. For collection from Whitchurch Silk Mill, 28 Winchester Street, Whitchurch, HAMPSHIRE, RG28 7AL by 31st August 2017 although sooner if possible. Collection preferred, although we would package for collection by a courier (at your expense) if required. For more images contact Sue Tapliss, Telephone:01256 892065 Email:sue.tapliss@whitchurchsilkmill.org.uk

    Posted by: Sue Tapliss
    on 05-06-2017

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    FREE: Freestanding Display Case for Disposal

    Collector must dismantle and remove from Whitchurch Silk Mill in Hampshire by the 31st August 2017 1830mm high x 1300mm wide x 750mm deep Includes • set of pull out lockable drawers • full height costume case with lock • map / poster sliders This would make an ideal sense of place case for showcasing small museum objects, reproduction maps and photographs and even a costumed mannequin. It would need to be dismantled and removed from the second floor of Whitchurch Silk Mill by 31st August, when the Mill closes for refurbishment. The case is free, but collector will be responsible for dismantling and transport. Please contact Sue Tapliss, (01256) 892065 / sue.tapliss@whitchurchsilkmill.org.uk to view

    Posted by: Sue Tapliss
    on 05-06-2017

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    Roman Brick and Tile

    “Fishbourne Roman Palace is undergoing a disposal of Roman brick and tile from their collections, using the Museums’ Association’s “Disposal Toolkit” as a framework for the process. If your museum has an educational or display need for fragments of Roman brick and tile then please contact Rob on coafish@sussexpast.co.uk outlining what you need, how it will be used and confirming your museum’s Accreditation status”.

    Posted by: Rob Symmons
    on 02-05-2017

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    Winchester AMA Support Group

    The Winchester AMA Support Group The Winchester AMA Group began late in 2016, as a few members of staff at Winchester's Military Museums in Peninsula Barracks began to undertake our AMA's. While there are other regional support groups, we wanted to offer an alternative group that was centrally located for us due to varying commutes and work commitments. We do have a link to the Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire Support Group, and are welcome to attend their meetings as well as sharing updates and news from the wider region and the Museums Association. If you are thinking of or currently are undertaking your AMA, then feel free to pop along and join us for one of our meetings. We meet on a monthly basis at Winchester's Military Museums at 2pm, dates varying. If you are interested in joining us or want to find out more about the group, please email Bianca Taubert at curator@agcmuseum.co.uk

    Posted by: Bianca Taubert
    on 22-02-2017

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    4 panels exhibition regarding the conservation issues of crested macaques (Macaca nigra),

    I am a research assistant and MRes student at the University of Portsmouth (Department of Psychology), and I am passionnate about outreach activities with the public. I have created a 4 panels exhibition regarding the conservation issues regarding the crested macaques (Macaca nigra), an endemic primates species of North Sulawesi, Indonesia, and how implemeting an education programme (Tangkoko Conservation Education, created in 2011) in this area can positively impact the local population to protect the macaques. I have already shown this exhibition at the University of Surrey and the Owl and Monkey Haven in the IoW last year). This exhibition is usually coupled with a presentation and movie, and a discussion about how us, as occidental people, we can do our bit to protect the environment.

    Posted by: Mathilde Chanvin
    on 18-11-2016

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    Vertical hanging plan chest

    Vertical Plan chest free as long as the recipient arranges removal from HMS Warrior It is a vertical hold chest and measures 76 cm wide, 41 cm in depth and 105cm high, its metal with a lid and is lockable. Please see internal photo attached.

    Posted by: Anna Bowman
    on 24-10-2016

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    Flyer Rack

    Hi Everyone, We have a 5 tier flyer rack available for free if anyone would like it. Collection only from the Powell-Cotton Museum, Quex Park, Birchington-On-Sea. Dimensions : 19" wide x 24" tall x 11" deep. Please contact Abby - shop@quexmuseum.org / 01843 842168

    Posted by: Abby Wise
    on 18-10-2016

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    Introducing the Winchester AMA Support Group

    Hello All, As some of you may know, Winchester Military Museum's is a group of six regimental museums located in Peninsula Barracks, near the train station. With so many museums on site, and a few of the staff either currently undertaking our AMA's or about to embark on this journey, we thought it would be an idea to create a support group. We are aware other support groups already established, but with most of us commuting from far and wide, we wanted to offer an alternative group, that was centrally located for us. We have recently established a link to the Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire Support Group, and hope to share updates and news from their group and the Museums Association, and vice versa. If you are thinking of, or currently, undertaking your AMA, then feel free to pop along and join us for one of our meetings. We meet on a monthly basis, usually the first Wednesday of the month @ 2pm, in the AGC Museum. (This is subject to change, so please check the date of our next meeting.) If you are interested in joining us or want to find out more about the AMA from people who have already signed up, please email Evie Collins assistantcurator@the-rifles.co.uk I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully meeting you soon! Evie

    Posted by: Evie Collins
    on 29-09-2016

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    High Quality Mobile Racking Needs Good Home

    Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank (at Wakehurst Place, nr. Haywards Heath) needs to urgently clear 16.5 bays of high quality mobile racking, originally installed by ‘Britannia Storage Solutions’ 10 years ago.

    • 15 double sided mobile carriages, 6 metres long (6 x 1 metre bays) and 6.03 metres wide.
    • Height including carriage 3.45 metres. Top 0.66 metre is removable.
    • 13 shelves (height adjustable).
    • Width of each carriage 1.05 metres
    • Depth of shelf 0.5 metre, width of shelf 1 metre.
    • Raised floor system with flush rails and flush drive chain.
    • 1.5 static units, with the same format as above.
    • One set of lockable steps included.

    All units in A1 condition, even when fully loaded very easy to move. Please reply to this post and I can send details for the contact at Kew and a second photograph.

    Posted by: Rowan Wallis
    on 23-08-2016

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    FREE Office Furniture & Equipment

    Hi - one of your colleagues alerted me to this forum, so I thought I would post our details. Collecteco works with companies and other organisations to donate unwanted, good quality office furniture, equipment and materials to good causes (and what could be a better cause than a museum I hear you say!!!). We have just completed a project in Southampton and have a store in Eastleigh, but work across the country (our HQ is in Bristol). We work with allsorts of different commercial premises, so if your organisation needs office furniture, equipment or materials, then please send an email to wishlist@collecteco.co.uk and we'll send details if we have it or let you know if it on the horizon with a project starting soon. We are looking to donate to good causes, so the kit is free of charge! Also, please do let us know if your organisation needs help rehoming furniture and equipment

    Posted by: Steve Sliney
    on 16-05-2016

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    Tyvek costume bags

    Free to a good home The Museum of London have the following used, Tyvek costume bags available, free of charge, to regional museums who can collect them: 49 Jacket sized bags, 40 dress sized bags, 3 evening dress sized bags, 1 large Tyvek sheet, 1 small Tyvek sheet.

    Posted by: Libby Finney
    on 19-01-2016

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    Mobile Shelving System Looking for New Home

    A mobile shelving system comprising of five roller units with front turning handles is on offer from Kew Gardens. The dimensions of each unit are as follows: Height (H) = 2050mm Width (W) = 750mm Depth (D) = 1050mm The system sits on a 3750mm (front to front) x 3150mm (back to back) x 25mm (thick) raised timber platform. Kew are looking to find it a new home ASAP, preferably by the end of December 2015. If you are interested please email Rowan Wallis at the Sustainable Business Partnership CIC who will pass on details for the contact at Kew. info@sustainablebusiness.org.uk

    Posted by: Rowan Wallis
    on 22-12-2015

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    Work Experience in museums

    At Brading Roman Villa we have students on work experience every week. I think that it would be good for museums to work together to develop a programme for students so that we achieve high quality learning outcomes without each of us having to do it all ourselves. I taught for 25 years and know what is needed and have a programme for this museum. I am willing to share this with others and ask for any suggestions on what you do

    Posted by: Spencer Brown
    on 10-11-2015

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    Reaper-Binder Canvases Looking for New Home

    We have about 10 canvases for a reaper-binder machine (which we don't unfortunately have!). So we are now looking for anyone with a reaper-binder machine who would like to have the canvasses as part of their collection. If you know of anyone please let us know, or pass the word along. Thanks Neil Neil Aplin Trustee White Mill Rural Heritage Centre The Causeway Ash Road Sandwich Kent CT13 9JB 07900 531284 neil@latitude28.co.uk www.whitemillheritagecentre.org.uk www.facebook.com/whitemillruralheritagecentre www.twitter.com/whitemillmuseum www.flickr.com/photos/whitemillheritagecentre

    Posted by: Neil Aplin
    on 13-05-2015

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    Tips on running Museums at Night events

    If your museum would like to discuss how best to plan and market events as part of the Museums at Night festival (13-16 May and 30-31 October 2015) please give me a call at any time! I'm the Campaigns Officer here at Culture24 and I should be able to give you some guidance and point you in the direction of helpful resources, partnership offers or case studies. My direct line is 01273 623336 - looking forward to talking to you.

    Posted by: Rosie Clarke
    on 27-03-2015

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    Jigsaw of Africa

    We have a table top jigsaw puzzle of Africa - free for anyone to have. Collection only from the Powell-Cotton Museum, Birchington-On-Sea. Dimensions : 117cm deep x 87cm wide x 51cm tall. Please contact Abby or Claire - shop@quexmuseum.org / 01843 842168

    Posted by: Abby Wise
    on 04-02-2015

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    Exhibition and Project Planning help offered

    I am a retired project manager and have considerable experience in training project management skills. If you would like help scoping out your exhibition or event and developing a project plan please let me know. I can run training day for teams or provided one to one help to an individual. Please contact me for more information or to discuss.

    Posted by: Jenny Crawford
    on 25-01-2015

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    Museum mentoring...

    Hi I am taking the first steps into the world of Museum Mentoring and wondered if there were any museums in the south-east currently looking for a mentor, or who may be interested in a mentor in the near future? I would be looking to support museums in their journey towards accreditation or in supporting a museum making their accreditation return (particularly those looking at meeting the requirements of the updated standard in their next return). My particular skills are in the area of collections management and governance, and in policy and procedural development. I live in Hampshire and work in London and would be available for meetings and email/phone contact over weekends and at pre-planned times during the week. I have worked in both local authority museums in charitable trusts, and am currently the Collections Manager for the Society of Antiquaries of London (www.sal.org.uk), managing a mixed collection of art and archaeology. My particular skills are in the care of archaeological and art collections, and archaeological deposition, as well as in strategic forward planning, collections care and in the coordination of research interests to promote collections(pimping out our portrait of Richard III being the most recent example)! Please do get in touch if you are interested - I am happy to provide a CV.

    Posted by: Anooshka Rawden
    on 20-01-2015

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    Experienced History teacher offers Roadshow / Presentations on an array of topics

    I am a teacher of some 36 years experience in teaching History and am the founder of a World War 1 Museum at my school that currently has an extensive and highly acclaimed collection of artefacts relating to the experience of men on the Western Front. I also have a significant interest in a range of other topics which I am happy to present on. As a Longbow archer in my spare time, I have a profound interest in that which may well be of use to organisations who are doing something to mark the centenary of Agincourt. In much the same way, I am happy to present a talk on the Battle of Waterloo, which also celebrates its centenary. Our Museum at school also has an extensive array of artefacts relating to the period of the Viking attacks on Wessex....that too is something I would be happy to share. At present,I live fairly centrally,in the Romsey area of Hampshire. Stephen Whelan Head of History St Edward's School

    Posted by: Stephen Whelan
    on 06-01-2015

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    Glass display case

    Sevenoaks Library has a glass display cases to give away. It is around 1m 80cm high and 40 cm wide. If interested, please contact Janet Davies or Phil Hodkisson as soon as possible at Sevenoaks Library, on 01732 585300. Janet can also be emailed at janet.davies@kent.gov.uk

    Posted by: Carol Griffiths
    on 17-12-2014

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    Museum Mentor Available

    I have recently been approved as a Museum Mentor and would like to offer my services to any museum who think I could help. I have a mainly archaeological background and have good experience in developing collections management policies and procedures. If you are looking for a mentor then please get in touch so we can work out if I can offer the help you need. Rob (coafish@sussexpast.co.uk)

    Posted by: Rob Symmons
    on 14-10-2014

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