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    Experience of using MODES Compact

    The museum I mentor is about to upgrade their MODES license - but they are undecided on if to move to MODES Complete or MODES Compact. Do you use MODES Compact? If so, please get in touch to share your experiences with us?

    Posted by: Corina Westwood
    on 21-04-2017

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    Victorian Curate's Costume needed

    Dinosaur Isle Museum will be holding an inaugural walk on the Isle the Isle of Wight at Brighstone village on Saturday May 27th, to celebrate the life of the Revd William Fox, Victorian curate of the local church and a famous dinosaur collector. For the walk I would like to be able to borrow a curates long coat, waistcoat and shallow hat. Iā€™m 5ā€™10ā€ tall and have a hat size of 57.5cm. The picture of Fox was taken in his garden about 1870 and shows what I am seeking. Any help appreciated please. Trevor Price, Community Learning Officer. Dinosaur Isle Museum Trevor.Price@IOW.gov.uk

    Posted by: Trevor Price
    on 12-04-2017

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    Musuem Case Item Numbers

    Hi All, I am trying to source some small cube or tent like numbers for our display cases to help people identify items. I can currently only find one supplier http://www.dauphin.co.uk/ - does anyone know of others? Any help appreciated.

    Posted by: Helen Ellis
    on 09-03-2017

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    School Loan Boxes

    Do you offer a school loan box service? I'm interested in finding out if in the last 2 years demand for your boxes have: a) risen b) fallen c) stayed the same A simple a,b or c answer is fine, but add more information if you have the time and would like to! We're looking at introducing a revamped loan box service but would very much like to assess demand in the context of other Museum's experiences. Thank you in advance for your help.

    Posted by: Felicity Wood
    on 07-03-2017

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    Sharing your experience of loans

    Would anyone be happy to share their experiences of National or International loans with me? We are developing our strategy. If so, please could you email me: curator:chiddingstonecastle.org.uk

    Posted by: Maria Esain
    on 06-03-2017

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    Has your museum run a social media project?

    We are looking for a Community Social Media Facilitator to work with a small group of adults new to social media, to record and share the 'behind the scenes' story of Westbury Manor Museum. If you have any contacts who may be interested in a copy of the brief please let me know or share the following link with them https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/freelance-opportunity-community-social-media-laura-bullivant?trk=prof-post Thanks

    Posted by: Laura Bullivant
    on 27-02-2017

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    Looking for a display case

    We are looking to borrow / buy a display case that allows the display of small to medium sized objects. It needs to be lockable and ideally a deep table top case. We need for an exhibition in April.

    Posted by: Charlotte Parsons
    on 10-02-2017

  • help needed

    Survey: Museums and Creative Industries

    What kind of collaborations exist between museums and creative industries throughout Europe? The 10 minute survey by NEMO's Working Group Museums and Creative Industry is open until 19 February 2017. https://webanketa.com/en/forms/64t3ae9q6wqk6s9pc8w64d9k/

    Posted by: Lucy Marder
    on 10-02-2017

  • help needed

    Donation box needed

    The Cole Museum of Zoology would like to have a donation box. However looking online most of the commercial boxes seem to be very expensive. Does anyone have an old one that we could reuse and re-brand? thank you!

    Posted by: Amanda Callaghan
    on 31-01-2017

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    University of Portsmouth History Society - Cultural & Heritage Careers Fair

    Hello one and all!

    Working with the Mary Rose Museum, the University of Portsmouth History Society are running a Cultural & Heritage Careers Fair for students that are soon to Graduate. In order to get a broad range of information from across the various roles available in Culture & Heritage we're looking for recently graduated individuals who would be happy to attend and speak with students from across Hampshire about their experience in their fields.

    The Careers Fair is going to be held at the Mary Rose Museum, and will include free access to the Museum for the attendees.

    The event is scheduled for Wednesday 1st March 2017 between 14:00 and 16:00.

    If you're interested in attending, please contact both:


    Posted by: Andy Watson
    on 27-01-2017

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    Trying a mobile app at outdoor cultural heritage sites

    Hello, I'm a PhD student in the school of computing/ the university of Portsmouth. I'm doing a research on using mobile technology for learning from cultural heritage sites. I have developed a mobile app based on my research to be used at outdoor cultural heritage sites, I would like to run an evaluation session with experts of cultural heritage to try my app out. my application is a location-based service, which pushes a notification when be close to an attraction. I was wondering if you could help me with this please? thank you very much, looking forward to hear from you.

    Posted by: Alaa Alkhafaji
    on 27-09-2016

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    Volunteering Dissertation

    Hello I am a Geography undergraduate student at the University of Exeter and I am trying to gather some data for my dissertation. I am looking at volunteering, with specific reference to the heritage sector. I would like to get as many viewpoints as possible on the topic, so I have created an online survey with Survey Monkey. It is very short and gives me an idea about why people choose to volunteer. Here is the link - https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/M3F6L5B - please fill it out if you have the time. Thank you!

    Posted by: Katie
    on 31-08-2016

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    Adding LED lighting to old wooden cases

    Does anyone have experience of re-lighting an old case with LED or fibre optic lighting? I wondered if we could just buy a strip on the internet and have a competent electrician to fit it in or is there more to it?

    Posted by: Maria Esain
    on 17-08-2016

  • help needed

    Anyone else experiencing moth problems?

    Hello, We have recently found clothes moths in some of our historic rooms and in the store rooms. I would be interested to know if anyone else is having the same problem or has dealt with this in the past and some advice. Thank you.

    Posted by: Maria Esain
    on 27-07-2016

  • help needed

    Animal Fur/Skins wanted

    Hello, We are trying to source some duplicate animal furs/skins for outreach sessions. If anyone can help with where to source these items or any museums are deaccessioning any, please do let me know. Thank you.

    Posted by: Rebecca Gazey
    on 18-07-2016

  • help needed

    Looking for a display case

    We are looking for a display case that allows the display of small to medium sized objects, either a vertical one or, preferably, a deep table top case. We aim to have a small (supervised) display in a new welcoming area at the local railway station that would give a taster of local history and draw people to the museum and gallery.

    Posted by: Kathrin Pieren
    on 28-06-2016

  • help needed

    Call out ā€“ can you help Made by Katie Green with our research on caves, mines and underground spaces?

    From 2016, we will be researching a new dance piece designed for performances in caves and underground spaces called Beneath Our Feet, and we would like you to help us.

    People we would love to hear from: Anyone with a connection to caves, mines and underground spaces.

    We’re particularly interested to hear from miners and cavers. More info here - http://madebykatiegreen.co.uk/blog/post.php?s=2016-05-29-call-out-can-you-help-made-by-katie-green-with-our-research-on-caves-mines-and-underground-spaces

    Posted by: Katie Green
    on 14-06-2016

  • help needed


    We're recently had wi-fi fitted throughout the New Forest Centre but are delaying opening it up to the public because of fears about IT security. Does anyone have experience of offering public wi-fi and how this impacts on their IT security? Thanks

    Posted by: Hilary Marshall
    on 09-06-2016

  • help needed

    Advice/Tips/Examples of recent planned Collection storage move

    Dear All, I am currently trying to put together a project plan that will allow me plan and manage the move of a number of various artefact stores that are scattered across a large site (some items are large and heavy) into better storage. This will form part of a collection review also. As part of this process I am looking for case studies where I can learn from previous experiences and even maybe pinch methodology, visit their store/site and chat with staff etc. If anyone has a good example of a museum that has undertaken something similar in the past few years/is willing to discuss/share experience/guidance with me the above then please get in touch. Thank you all in advance and I look forward to hearing about some wonderful projects. Gillian Mason Curator Bletchley Park Trust

    Posted by: Gillian Mason
    on 15-04-2016

  • help needed

    Visitor Survey Apps

    Could anyone recommend a good visitor survey app that can be displayed on an android tablet? Following years of paper surveys we have recently bought a tablet to help improve efficiency of data gathering, analysis of data and reduce storage. If anyone else has experimented with tablet based surveys we would greatly appreciate any recommendations.

    Posted by: Matt Stevens
    on 12-04-2016

  • help needed

    Small table top display case needed

    The Royal Engineers Museum (Gillingham, Kent) are looking to borrow a small display case that either has legs or that sits on a table for the week beginning the 22nd August for approximately a week. If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated. I can be contacted on docsofficer@re-museum.co.uk Thank you, Danielle

    Posted by: Danielle Sellers
    on 23-03-2016

  • help needed

    Artistic input required for unusual lighting scupture project

    For our new display at Leith Hill Place near Dorking I want to create a musical mobile/light fitting. I am imagining a conglomeration/explosion of musical notes and symbols made from lightweight laser cut material. I have sourced a plain light fitting (see image) which could form the basis of the piece. I need someone artistic who could take on this challenge and create something amazing(for minimal or no fee!)

    Posted by: Gabrielle Gale
    on 28-01-2016

  • help needed

    Display case needed

    We are in urgent need of a table type display case with a glass or acrylic top for a new display at Leith Hill Place near Dorking. Any style/age. Offers gratefully received.

    Posted by: Gabrielle Gale
    on 28-01-2016

  • help needed

    Valuation needed

    Can you recommend someone who would be able to provide us with an insurance valuation for a fragment of Roman sculpture that is due to go abroad on loan?

    Posted by: Rob Symmons
    on 19-01-2016

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    Good practice case studies wanted!

    A Project Development Seminar to support applications to the Heritage Lottery Fund from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic organisations is taking place in Southampton in January. For my presentation I am looking for examples of any projects - past or current - that museums have or would like to develop to attract diverse communities.

    Posted by: Padmini Broomfield
    on 21-12-2015

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